Teaching Staff Contact Info

Teaching Staff contact info.

Our  yoga teachers are experienced, certified or documented with at least 200 hours of teaching experience. Our classes are  not  restricted to Yoga, but are in alignment with those practices considered to be consciousness raising in nature. We are always looking to add to our staff and would appreciate any referals to join YbD; please contact Evalyn .


Pop-In-Teachers’ information
is contained in the  Class
Bob Vaccaro h 603 380 4885 bob@yogabydonation.org
Brittany St. Martin brittanystmartin@gmail.com
Bruce D. Montville h 603 793 2465 bmontville@aol.com
Danee Fleckenstein ( sub) danee.fleckenstein@gmail.com
Danielle Mulligan  on hiatus on hiatus
Duane Allison c 603 562 5260 duaneindvr@hotmail.com
Ed Marshall ( for
c 603 382 0399 nhmass@aol.com
evalyn sorrentino songofinnerjoy@gmail.com
Heidi Maddock c 603 817 2737 hmaddock@comcast.net
Jerry Mayfield meditationmaine@gmail.com
Kahty Allen katyallen92@gmail.com
Lana Bluege bluegelana9@gmail.com
Leigh Cameron leigh.anne.cameron@gmail.com
Lori Cote loricote@comcast.net
Mike Dutka c 603 767 5687 mdtk11@gmail.com
Nancy Frost ( sub) c 603 817 9062 nancfrost@gmail.com
Pam Ellen Blodgette c  603 231 2630 pamworks@aol.com
Paula Foster c 207.423.6971 paulahhc@mail.com
Sara Lehmer sara.lehmer@yahoo.com
Sarah Linscott sarah.linscott@gmail.com
Susan Morgan ( assoc.) c 860 536 3050 susan@mysticdreamcenter.com
Tom Sorrentino h 207 439 6938 phone calls only please
Victoria Bean c 603 793 1487 victoriabean14@gmail.com