Volunteer: Your help is required


Don’t just read about us. Volunteer! Write an article and email it. Help us in the studio. Help us online. Thanks so much!

Become a Yoga Amabassador! 

YbD is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.
Since we are by donation we need volunteers for everything. All of our teachers are volunteers.

If you have an inclination to help out, regardless of your talent , please get in touch. We will find a way for your desire-to-serve to be satisfied. Open your heart, settle your ego.

Here is what we need: for 2019

Radio, blog and newspaper coverage.
Do you know anyone who can help
us set this up?

We need someone to help with regular cleaning of the studio.
Our teachers already offer their time to instruct. Can you help
us polish the wood floor, vacuum the carpet, dust the furniture
and lamps or windex the glass as a volunteer? Choose any one of these tasks.
Place mats and blankets in an orderly fashion.

We would like a volunteer for social media posts.
We could use a volunteer to generate SEO green standards
on all of our web pages.
We would greatly appreciate any student, instructor, or outside
insprirational original articles having to do with Yoga, and how
it changes one’s life. Write about nutrition. Write about kindness.

We will appreciate it.

Contact Evalyn or Bob via email or call the studio and leave word by
texting: 603  498-5725