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Brittany St. Martin

Brittany St. Martin

Brittany St. Martin, yoga instructor , 200 YTT, Physical
Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and HealingTouch
trained is happy to teach at Yoga by Donation by
giving her time to the dedication of yoga and its benefits.
Meet her in the video at the end of this bio.

Through the practice of yoga Brittany St. Martin
was able to manage her stress in college and learn
to better know and appreciate herself. Brittany
found yoga during her freshman year of college.
She enrolled in a mandatory PE class that happened
to fit into her schedule. Although her mom had
practiced yoga for as long as she could remember
Brittany  thought it was a strange practice and did
not participate as a teen. So she was not so convinced
that yoga was for her when she stepped into her college
PE class. However, it was in that class that Brittany
St. Martin  learned some of the yoga  basics – asanas,
meditation, and mindfulness practices. Her teacher
encouraged her to explore and embody these practices.
It wasn’t long before Brittany knew she had found a wonderful gift.

Brittany continued to practice yoga throughout college
and Physical Therapy graduate school. As a result she
was able to stretch and strengthen her body while calming
her busy mind. Yoga helped Brittany navigate the changes
that occurred as she began her professional life as a
physical therapist. Her knowledge of the human body
gave her a better understanding of the alignment principles
of the asanas (postures) and allowed her to create a deeper
connection between body, mind, and spirit. Attaining calm,
alertness, and presence with others she interacted with
when practicing yoga regularly allowed her to bring the
practice to her vocation as a physical therapist. Her patients
who practiced yoga tended to be more in tune with their
bodies and often had a smoother recovery process.


It wasn’t long before Brittany became drawn to teach.
She followed her heart and her inner teacher to Kripalu
School of Yoga in MA where she completed her 200-hour YTT.
She felt her training had just the right balance of asana,
pranayama (breath work), meditation, and philosophy.
The main teaching of Kripalu Yoga, ‘self-observation without
judgment’ really resonated with Brittany, as a way to get in
touch with what is real and true at that moment without
attaching labels such as ‘good or bad’. Brittany is eager to
share the gift of yoga and help to dispel the common myths
that ‘Yoga is only for the flexible people,’ ‘I’m not good at
yoga,’ and ‘I can’t do yoga because…’ She is a true believer
that yoga is for everyone and is excited to help guide
beginners into the lifelong practice of yoga.


Brittany has also received her level 1 and 2 Reiki
attunements and has completed Healing Touch
level 1 and 2 trainings.

Learn a bit about Brittany’s Classes.


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