Opening to Spirit

opening to spirit

is a phrase that we at YbD would like to support fully for the next 5 weeks. You will see the email blasts focusing on Reiki: a mode of discipline which deals entirely with the invisible and entirely with the intention of doing no harm; helping one opening to spirit.

This time of the year, can be stress filled for many of us. We may travel more; this causes
anxiety and worry if we rush to the future. We forget to take the time to enjoy the process of planning and preparing to have it be an enjoyable time. We are focused on the destination, not the process. We forget to ask ‘are we opening to spirit?”

We may have extra company and again focus on the problem of a crowded home or
schedule conflicts or differences in opinions that could disrupt our comfort zone, not
being relaxed through this we can become stressed; forgetting to breathe. ” Am I opening to spirit?”

We could have set up expectati0ns regarding either events or persons and the change in schedule due to personalities or weather may cause stressful disruptions if we are not thinking with a relaxed and open mind.  Did I open up to spirit; what other possibilites await me?

The present Dali Llama says “I usually meditate 1 hour in the morning. When I am very, very busy I meditate 2 hours in the morning.” True we are not the Dali Llama but we can be sure to not cut out the time that feeds our spirit when the schedule’s demands increase. Be sure to make it to that yoga class, meditation class or Reiki Healing circle.

Yoga also is an opening to Spirit. Many times yoga can be a precursor to being open to Reiki.  Reiki is a good way to get a kick start into understanding the invisible and your connection to Spirit. See Ed Marshall’s video on this subject.  YbD has several teachers who are Reiki Attuned at different levels, aside from Ed and Mike, yoga instructor and meditation teacher, Evalyn is also a Reiki Master.

Both Reiki and Yoga share the same philosophy of quieting the body’s mind (lower mind) and listening to the higher mind of Spirit, leading one to opening to Spirit: a mind that is Omnipotent and Omniscient. When one has the relaxed mind that is obtained through yoga’s breath and meditation or Qi Gong’s deeply concentrated attention or Reiki energy one is open to correct all errors in our thought that create stress, anxiety and illness. Stress is the mother of fear, competition and disease, a quiet mind is the mother of Peace, Unity and so, Healing.

So be sure to open all the blasts and watch Ed’s engaging videos on all aspects of Reiki. This includes an understanding of what Reiki is, what are the effects of Reiki, how Ed was drawn to Reiki. The other areas are who would want to come to Reiki and why. He also discusses why would one want to be attuned at the basic level, Level 1, to Reiki.