Morning Yoga stops Osteoporosis.

Not because it is done in the morning
but because starting your day with Morning
Yoga stops Osteoporosis develops a habit and
a practice whose benefits are immediately observed.
Morning Yoga is more likely to create a daily and lifelong
habit of living well.

We can live well or we can live sick.
It is our choice.
Morning Yoga helps us live well. Developing
morning habits helps us keep those ‘live well’ habits
into our final years.
First by changing our brain waves from
beta to alpha. The  healing vibrations begin in alpha states.
Second just by  doing 12 certain asanas each day,
the body improves in balance, strength, flexibility,
as well as bone strength.

In the study of

What does yoga and meditation
do for your bones and health.
Part 1
Morning Yoga stops Osteoporosis

In a control group of 227 with a mean average age of 68,
( yes I did write 68.) key asanas of yoga* was taught and
the students were asked to do it everyday.
Bone density studies were performed prior to yoga and
then again in studies several years later. Those who
consistently did these asanas each day , not only
increased bone density but in those whose bone density
showed osteopenia it was totally reversed and those who
had osteoarthritis the bones had significantly improved
in the hip and spine areas.

For those whose bone density did not significantly
improve , reduction of fractures took place.

The other hugely significant benefits were improved
posture and balance , reducing falls. Good posture
was also sited for the reduction in fractures.
Range of motion, strength and coordination improved
and anxiety was relieved. Spine and Hips and Femur
were the major study areas since this is the area most affected with ageing.

Study by Dr. Fishman , Colombia University
Yi-Hsueh Lu , Rockefeller University
Bernard Rosner, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Dr. Chang , NY University.

* 12 precisely taught asanas with modifications for
personal attainment

Similar studies were performed and also showed significant improvement in Rotator Cuff Syndrome.
Similar studies also improved knee performance.

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these areas of concern and which classes to attend to do so.