Yoga or yoga?


There is quite a discussion these days about
traditional yoga and body only yoga, Yoga or yoga?
Traditional Yoga follows a path of a ladder,
or a circular ladder.
Body  yoga is purely horizontal in depth and follows
one plane which is that of the material plane. The plane
of opposites and duality. Traditional Yoga is of the higher
plane and so it is capitalized. Yoga
rises above good and evil.
Body yoga is of the material
plane and so does not rise above.
It keeps one locked into the limited.

Body yoga or modern yoga is all about the body, finding
perfection in the body. Breath is a way to
enhance the movement of the body.

Yoga or yoga? Traditional Yoga finds that
when one quiets the mind we rise to Yoga.
Yoga is the Sanskrit word for Union.
When we marry the mind with the breath
and body there is union at many levels,
depending upon how one
lives their life.

The true Yoga Union is in finding your
connection to the Higher Self.  Find the
place where you rise above the commotion
that is surrounding you. Learn to re-identify
with the stillness when only chaos surrounds
you. Finding this stillness puts you in a
responsive mode. You do not react and
become a part of the chaos.
Rather you become part of the solution.

Yoga or yoga?
Continuing in the distinction of Traditional
Yoga with Body Yoga, as stated earlier
Yoga occurs at many levels depending
upon the rung of the ladder on which you
stand. This rung is not claimed by
proclamation but by practice.

“What you do speaks so loud
that I cannot hear what you say.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not by your talk by your actions.
You can you put down destructive, critical even
suggestive ways regarding others in order
to become aware with your own interior
landscape? This is yoga.

Iyengar: “You must purge yourself
before finding faults in others.
When you see a mistake in somebody
else, try to find if you are making
the same mistake.
This is the way to take judgment
and to turn it into improvement.
Do not look at others’ bodies with
envy or with superiority.
All people are born with different
constitutions. Never compare with others.”

Therefor at yoga by donation our classes attempt to
quiet the mind, by first helping you stretch
and ease the tension of the subconscious
mind as reflected in your body. Then we
attempt to help you concentrate thru
deep postures for your level of flexibility.
This concentration can than take you to
the deep part of your True Self. This may
be the first time you meet You, in yoga class.
But once you are acquainted you cannot
go back to your old ways of misery, anxiety
or suffering. Joy will follow you each way.
Your negative desires will be gone. Your
actions to elevate, wish well, encourage
and serve will increase.

This is yoga. It is a life of joy of co-mingling
with what you cannot see. (Your body’s
eyes can only grasp 4% of the visible world
anyway). So why not begin a practice
of seeing with your single eye, the place
of real vision?

YbD is an organization that has thrived for
more than 6 years on donations.  Students
have attended rising up from their thoughts
of lack regarding finances. Students have
attended rising above their anxieties to
see a better way of life. YbD has
thrived thru service of teachers who donate
their time freely. Could we all not want to
teach traditional Yoga. What else could
have survived?

“The storm is looming. You are out
to sea. It is the breath of yoga that
allows you to hoist your sails above
the storm clouds. It is the breath of
yoga that carries you to the Light
and to the calm.  “ ecs

Come . Learn the art of yoga.
Practice everyday. See
how your life will improve.