yoga intention: vitalityYoga intention: Vitality is all about first establishing a common purpose. The common purpose begins with the yoga teacher ending all conflict within her/his self. Then this is imparted without words to the students.

The yoga class always follows the intention and flow of the spirit of the teacher
when the teacher is elevated in Yoga intention: Vitality (yoked* in Mind Body and Spirit) so the
natural outflow from the teacher pours forth to the student.
Each student then enhances this Yoga intention: Vitality. All that are needed are two,
to establish this purpose: become one with the Self and then One with each other.
Becoming one is merely making a decision, usually made of the heart, to no longer
maintain conflict and to, instead, maintain Peace. This small decision may occur
at first at the most primary level.
“I will no longer keep thoughts in my head that are negative” or
“ I will no longer support methods that are conducive to self-sabotage or self-abuse” or
“I will no longer engage in dangerous behavior” or
“I will do what I can to pull myself out of lethargy” or anger or sadness.
The small decision is just to have the desire to let go of what no longer is not in
one’s own best interest.

Sometimes the decision takes place in the form of just doing something positive on a consistent basis; going to yoga class 3x/ week, taking up meditation, paying attention to one’s dreams, accepting what life offers, stop overeating, stop drinking , etc, just putting down resistance to what is and allowing one’s self to experience the moment fully with out judgement. The decision is the decision of the heart and outwardly may manifest just one time out of ten.

i.e.: Today I will not worry about my children. (inward desire)
outward decision: My 8 year old son is dawdling and not getting ready for school quick enough.
So I do not hasten him with words, but rather inwardly ask for help for both of us to
accept the situation with time so all will be well.
outward result: A calmer morning where either the 8 year old begins to see the consequence of being distracted, and the parent looks on the child with compassion and enters in when asked for help

or all things are right on time and no one resulted in being late for anything.

Maybe this happened one time in the week and each time the frequency
increases the anxiety lessens and the new habit of Trust is established.
Then the new habit of Trust deepens and frequency increases and then
the habit expands to include other situations with other persons.

This is the beginning of the practice of yoga outside the studio.
Yoked in Mind, Body and Spirit, first internally then with others. The Union solves all.

NOTE: *yoke– 

put a yoke on (a pair of animals); couple or attach with or to a yoke.
“a plow drawn by a camel and donkey yoked together”
synonyms: harness, hitch, couple, tether, fasten, attach, join

“a pair of oxen were yoked together”