In case you missed it,
if you were a part of it ,
if you still want to join:


There is a movement going on in this world of
beginning to let go of the material driven life.
This is done merely by seeking balance in one’s life.
Learning how to feel and learning that defensiveness
and criticism is not the way.

Don’t you want to be part of the movement that
eventually moves the world , through the greater
strength that comes with embracing our Higher SELF?

Yoga is so much more than asana. Asana is the lead-in to  getting in touch with what is below the neck, in other words,  helping you feel the subtle feelings before they become  overwhelming.

Yoga helps you to still the mind by letting you see you
have a choice in the way you think and the way you
speak and work and move. It breaks through the subconscious or primitive brain of habit and guides you gently to alternative healthy ways of living.

Here is how we enhance and enlarge the possibilities to offer to you:

We have had sacred walks, helping people open up to the collective consciousness of ancient rituals, such as
Mandala Drawing, Labyrinth Walking and Sound Harmonics.

Bob has moved to a wonderfully creative system of sprouting. If you are not incorportating sprouts in your weekly diet you need to ask why not? Bale and Carlisle are offering cooking with essential oils , and more.

We will continue to offer workshops in Dream Imagining,
Reiki and Sai Shakti. We hope to offer more classes in art with fabric, with watercolor and another class on Prayer Flags and Mandalas. Journaling and Meditation and
Constellation Therapy.

We want to be a place that is unique in Portsmouth.
Offering yoga and all that yoga Spirit invites in.

So keep watching our schedule.
Get on our email list and read about the things happening at YbD and other interesting articles.

Enjoy this week and this season of culminating the light
and gratitude.