walks we take in life


There are many walks we take in life.We move from crawling
as a babe to our first steps and then we practice
walking for the first time realizing we can move about freely.
We don’t want to be carried when our energy is high.
As we grow older we walk to and from situations,
we walk for pleasure and enjoyment, we walk away
from situations until they cool down or until we think
we find something better. These are various walks
we take in life.

But these walks are just a metaphor for our
Spiritual journey, walks we take in life.
The Spiritual journey is our one and true
walk. It is the walk we make either consciously
or unconsciously.  It is the walk we make volunteering
to grow or digging our heels in the dirt ( aka Ego)
resisting the journey that frees us.

One of the walks we take in life can be a way
to marry the two worlds, that of our body’s walks
and that of our Spirit. Take a walk in a Labyrinth and
learn how walking with consciousness, even just
embracing the idea of walking in a labyrinth, can
open your heart and mind in new ways.
The labyrinth is a concentric circle with
an unpredictable path to the center, once
again a metaphor for our center, our core,
our Heart, our consciousness, Our Soul.
The walk is not achieved by continually
walking toward the center but to and from
the center, eventually getting to the center.

It represents our life and our sections of life.
Rarely do we take a direct, quick path to the
destiny of our life. Rarely do we discover our
purpose so quickly.

Join us in the Trilogy of Sacred Walks, beginning
this Saturday, October 17 at 10:30 offsite at a
large Labyrinth. Email to register, receive directions
and know what to bring with you for the beginning
of the acknowledgement of your Sacred Journey and