Live Deeper Open your Heart!

Reiki is a way to move to your larger
body. Begin to take awareness of the fields
of energy around you with REIKI.

A baby is emotionally tied to its mother. When the mother

is calm and loving so is the baby, sharing the
same left  frontal lobe wave patterns. When the mother
is stressed and depresses so is the baby sharing the
same frontal lobe wave patterns .

A constellation is given regarding a family secret
which inhibits family members from living a life
of exploration and joy. When the constellation
corrects the patterns of downward spiraling not only is
the initiator who lives in Seattle healed but all family
members who live scattered throughout the country.

A photographer in Japan puts the words love and hate
on vials of water. The water molecules contained in
each vial are then photographed at the molecular level.
The power of these words has a dramatic impact on
the structure of the molecules.

These examples show that the human being is more
than just a physical body. Would you like to discover
more of who you are (beyond your skin and bones)?
Then Learn the Self empowerment of REIKI in this
weekends Attunement Class.


ReiKi is the best way to
live in the 21st century if you do not have a meditation
practice.ReiKi is the best way to live and deepen your
meditation practice.
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n the 21st century one must embark on the reality
of some sort of meditation where all thought stops.
Reiki is one entree. Don’t be left to travel the downward
spiral. Lift your self UP today. Take action and