I always wanted to know why, when I was born, I did not recieve my Life Manual.

I complained to people, “they should have
given me a manual when I was born to let
me know this thing would happen”.
I would say, “How come no one ever told
me this?”
I would ask ” Wasn’t that the job of my mother,
my father to inform me?”

Where is my life Manual?
I would find my way into mischeif, into trouble,
into fixes and struggle to get out, which I did,
always, but with much aggravation or pain
or sorrow. Where was my life manual?

Then I began to journal. “Ohh , I was not
listening.” The form of information just came
in a form I did not expect. Journaling
helped me see that.

By journaling I could hear differently.
By journaling I could see differently.
By journaling I could plan differently because
my improved observation skills meant planning
took less time. I had enough information.

I could begin to  lay down plans while still being
in the moment and open up to spontaneity, or I
could do a rough cut plan. With my new Life Manual
I felt comfortable to let life fill in to the perimeter
of this rough cut plan.  The results:
Splendid, better than I could have imagined.
Here is my life journal.

You are female. You cannot find time to go to
the bathroom unless it is urgent. Your
schedule is so loaded. But yes, even in the
fring times you can find time to  journal.
If we are women and we journal we learn
how to become stronger, safely
interdependant and still
remain in touch with our feminine sensual,
nuturing side.

If we are men we can relieve stress when
we journal. Men, who journal, can  learn how
to safely become vulnerable. Men who journal
share  helping ways to younger men and
peers. Men who journal learn to live the
adventure in unSelfish, fully satisfying ways.

Come to the journal classes beginning November 16
and November 18. Answer the question ” where is
my life manual”.  Or if you have one refine it.

Not just words, doodles, pictures, designs, signs to
look for, ears which listen to more than others’
words. Learn to listen with your body. Learn to
listen with your heart. Learn to listen with the
unthinking mind.  Listen to the unique instructions
that Life has for you. Be Bold, lose fear, gain Love.
Journal. Break the idea of traditional journals
and play and live life fully.

Let this be the start for you of the series of Learn
how to Journal. Use various media over the
next few months, make your own journal from
items you already have in your home. Bring
your heart to a page and see it clearly. Know
what you want to throw away and what serves
you best. Journal. Journal. Journal! Do it for
your life,  your health and for your mental
well being. All transform
when you alas find “my life manual”.