” the structured pattern of a Mandala, a circle within a square,
a seed within a pot imposes order on a chaotic, random mind,
by finding a center point to which everything is related.
Placing forms in relation to one another, trying to make
sense of the forms is an attempt at self-healing. This is
as part of nature and does not spring from
consciousness but from an instinctive impulsive to
find peace, order, solutions in ones life. Life is
creating a gentle space where you may heal.”

A month now has passed since our Mandala workshop.

Please continue to refine your mandala or draw new ones each week, each day until you begin to see the path where life is trying to lead you; it is the path that will bring you most joy and vigor.

YbD will be delving into the deeper aspects of a Mandala starting with the technical aspects to help lead us into order in our personal space and time.

Keep an eye on our January Calendar as these workshops develop and require registration.