Love Knots

Love Knots


What exactly are love knots? If you have a knot it is not love; knots are blockages to love. They are gates for which our work is to open the gates. In yoga a knot is called a granthi. We as human bodies have three granthi.  I will refer to them in a metaphor as gates.

I prefer the word gates to knots. Love Knots are so tangled and can appear permanent. Knots were made to increase frustration. A gate is something we must study to see where the latch is, where the lock is. We need to study to see how the gate operates, what closes it, what opens it. Does it open in both directions or only in one? On and on the study goes. We can try to open it as if it is a gate from which our experience tells us it operates in a certain way.  But if it fails to open then we must stop, look at it, study to see how this gate is different. The gates in every human are all in the same place, three fingers below the navel, between the breasts and in between the eyebrows.

How we unlock and open the gate is individually determined. But what is universal is the fact that these gates must be open.  They are energetic gates which are indicative of blocks to love. Thus you can call it a love knot, but that could imply something good. We want to eliminate love knots or open the gates to love.

How does one do this? A gate is opened by our actions resulting from belief. When we move in the direction of dropping a belief in a rigid, fixed image then we soften and open to love which dissolves beliefs that support the rigid inflexible energy that gets stuck in these places.

Perhaps we are too attached to our possessions and identify with them to the point that when we lose them or they become damaged or we gain them or they increase that action creates or increases  an emotion. This would create a rusty hinge that makes the gate harder to open or it could put a lock on the gate preventing it from opening.

Perhaps we got upset with someone and felt wronged in some way. Our image of our self was soiled in the process. We hold a grudge. This adds rust to the hinge on the gate of the heart. We cling to old actions of the past, hold others and ourselves in the past as well. We cannot grow there. We can only grow in the present.

 So you can begin to become aware of the gates. That is the first step. How one does that is simple.
You encounter a gate as you walk on a path. So choose the path to walk. Make it a path of gentleness. If you find harshness in you, don’t judge it. Just notice it, feel it. Decide if you like the feeling. If you do like the way you feel, continue from where you are. If you do not like the way you feel then take a step to grow in some way.

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