roadPrayerThe heart of the prayer is not necessarily the words that are emitted from
your mouth, nor are they the thoughts that are in your conscious awareness.
The heart of the prayer resides in the subconscious mind and is usually
exhibited thru your actions.

Defensiveness is a  give-away as to what is in your heart. I often find the
word defensiveness a euphemism. What defensive usually means is
counter attack, not so pretty when stated as it is. So if defensive
actions are in your behavior than a prayer for destruction is in
your heart.

Defensive nature is a statement that you hold a belief that the
world is hostile. Someone is trying to hurt you.  Eventually when you
have held this belief in your heart (the subconscious mind) long enough
then any target will do and we can begin to release this constant tension
thru an inappropriate reaction to something minor. This minor action could
be directed to someone driving a car and moving into the same lane
as you,  immediately in front of you.

This can trigger a reaction that is inappropriate for the action. The driver of
the car now in front of you did not know you, has nothing personal against you,
nor was even thinking of you when those actions occured. Most likely it was
someone who has not noticed if there is enough room to enter the same
lane as you , but who is only focused on their own need to be in a particular
place at a particular time.

This is one of the ways to live an adventure……. of destruction.