helps clear perceptions

It has been said that the palest ink is stronger than the best memory and it helps clear perceptions.

Yet in today’s world so few people investigate this power. By simply keeping a journal we begin to practice pale ink philosophy. There are truly great health benefits to keeping a journal. If you struggle with stress, anxiety or depression journaling can help you control your emotions and show the way to be free of the thoughts that generate these debilitating emotions. This helps clear perceptions.

What is pale ink Philosophy? For starters the ink does not actually have to be ink. It can be any medium that helps to record the events as one sees them today. Choose paint, choose pencil, and choose collage and more. But whatever one sees today is called perception. That is why hindsight is called that. When we remove ourselves from the emotion of the event we tend to see more clearly. But still we do not see the whole picture.  As we delve into our perceptions over time we begin to see that perceptions are as vacillating as the wind-blown sands. But it is in the story, the telling of the story that we begin to see the aberration of the perception. When we see the weakness in the way we perceive we see the exit from the confinement of our own limiting perception. Hindsight helps clear perceptions unless one is fully present while the event takes place.
I can hear something and that phrase, that sentence resonate with me. But if I do not record it, writing it down in a mode suiting my temperament I will not remember it. If I read something and it has an impact on me and I do not write it down I will not remember it enough to effect change. When I record, illustrate or create around this phrase, even when it comes from within my own mind, I use more areas of the brain. I involve more of the sensory motor, thus reinforcing the memory. I know this. I am a mensa. Capable of great memory retention and logic building, however I always gain greater insight when I journal. When I write, when I create; I can create a poem or picture or a film or a garden all around the theme of this resonance that usually shakes me free from an old limiting belief and moves me into something better, more stable, more lasting, more gratifying. This helps clear perceptions.Perceptions need to be cleared when we are not present fully to the situation at hand.

Having begun broadening our classes in May  you will have had seen many new workshops and classes at YbD. Your mind is opening as yogis to think differently regarding Yoga and the transitions off the mat. You’ll read about this more and more in the teacher bios: Bob and Duane and Tom have already recreated their bios or class descriptions to reflect this off the mat transition. Students who attended Breathe to Awaken found a new peace in the breath techniques which accommodate a better yoga practice on the mat but which can also accommodate a more relaxed way of living outside of the studio. This helps clear perceptions.

The Sacred Self workshops have been an opportunity to help students connect and simplify the problems of everyday life to begin to move perceptions to a larger more abstract picture. This has allowed them to find a bit more peace in tremendously stress filled situations. The Sacred Self in June will begin to focus on the first part of journaling: the art of journaling. This will be followed by the story teller and the telling of the story

In June YbD will offer many workshops. Pam’s regarding The Work is all about learning how to disengage from the story. Sacred Self VI ( no prerequisites are required) will delve into the art of journaling. Find a way to make it fun. Getting Married Workshop helps you to steady the rudder in that sea of emotions that rise and fall during wedding planning. All  of these classes require pre-registration.

So begin to want to get more settled. Then begin to make the move to get more settled. Then begin to get settled. Then begin. This helps clear perceptions.