Goal:to be loving to my baby at times
when the situation is not the best.
Goal: to keep my emotions and disaster scenarios
under control and let my logical loving heart
be compassionate and understanding.
Goal: To be able to relieve the stress rather
than to add to it.
Mindful Motherhood Series to Begin for another
successful workshop series.

We have had three workshops
and it has changed the thinking 
and lives of all, including children.


We created this workshop of Mindful Motherhood
to help mothers in all stages of motherhood to operate
at their best,
thus  we designed Mindful Motherhood to be
a series of sessions built around your schedule.
It requires your commitment of 10 weeks. Click Here to
get the details to register for this life changing course.

Or ph# 207 766 0979 for messages. We schedule several
workshop series each year.
Bring your babies with you.
Mothers of any age child are welcomed, though the
sessions are skewed to those mothers of babies less
than a year old. This course was developed specifically
for pregnant women and new mothers to reduce
stress and anxiety.

Get details to register now!

Mindful Motherhood is also designed
to improve emotion regulation. It will encourage healthy
behaviors. Mindful Motherhood improves self-care. It
also helps to enhance attachment/bonding between mothers
and their infants. This course can help even when stressors
and emotional challenges are present. Babies share the
same negative emotions and stresses as the mother. Stop
this cycle now. Learn how to minimize negative, stressful
experiences. Change them into a way of connecting deeply
with the baby, in LOVE.

This is not a yoga class but a class that uses yoga to help
you identify where your stress resides. Do not designate this
as a meditation class either but a workshop to teach being
aware and present in all situations.

Learn to handle all stress in a better way.

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