Many years ago I saw a version of this photo in a temporary building crafted just to host the photographs of Gregory Colbert. I was absolutely blown away by 1) the artist’s and cognoscent’s lifetime dedication to photography of a specific theme and 2) the profound taming of wildness into gentleness.

Gentleness: not harsh, not stern, not extreme, is a quality that seems to be fading in our society. It is so important to slow down, to take the pause and choose what actions and what words we use throughout the day.

When we choose gentleness we choose living the adventure.

As one can see from Colbert’s photographs, here, juxtaposed are two subjects that one would not ordnarily think to be the subject of a portrait; viewing this photo five feet wide, in his makeshift gallery created a sacred experience. What is being communicated between this boy and this elephant? Does the elephant understand the words or is it the love and reverence of Spirit that is communicated?

In these sacred moments I began to understand that it is gentleness that creates the foundation for adventure. Gentleness is devoid of deceit, of selfishness, two elements which destroy adventure. These two elements, deceit and selfishness are fear based and fear cannot enter into living an adventure.

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