What is forgiveness?
We can answer the question not with words, but with a
demonstration of our lives.

If we stay tight in the bud, don’t bloom,
we have to ask “Why has this flower not
opened to the sun?” Why indeed.

Could the answer be that we have not
blossomed because there is something
within us that blocks the sun? Why do
blind’  people shout at the daylight when
all they have to do is remove their dark
shades from their eyes?

A good way to evaluate our ability to forgive
is to measure the gossip in our lives:
how much do we talk about people
who are not in the room?

how much do we talk about people who
were active only in our past? Do we still
have strong emotions when a person is
named or referred to, even though we
have not seen them for years?

how consistent are we in our moods? Can we
be appropriate in our reactions or do we
lose our cool in heated situations? Do we
realize how this is recorded in our bodies’ 

how kind can we be when we are met with
surliness or rudeness or what appears to be

how defensive are we and do we realize the
defenses we utilize?

do we have a scapegoat in our life?

The above is a list to simply contemplate, reflect
upon, to determine if we are indeed forgiving in
nature or still attached to our wounds.

Do not find solace in our wounds.
Do not find relationship in misery.
Be courageous  enough to break free
of patterns of victimization and

If we need an incentive to choose the loving nature
of ourselves let’s look at the offerings forgiveness
gives, no holding back, it just freely flows:

forgiveness offers us the gift of a clear
                mind and so what arises is an
absence of the repeating stories in our
mind, preoccupation  in our thoughts.

forgiveness shines down on us a world
of creativity and gentleness the likes of
which are irresistible.

forgiveness grants a healthy attitude
that dissolves fear. We move out
of stuck and into motion though the
motion may appear outwardly as
inertia. It is an inward movement
which manifests as Grace.

forgiveness wins, always, because it is
love based and love always wins over
fear because love is light and fear is
darkness and  no darkness can abide
even when the light is as small as a

forgiveness fortifies our spiritual warrior
and weakens our competitive ego.

forgiveness is courage in all things.

Take a chance today to experience more of life by
accepting what is happening, notice your sensations.
Then decide if there is something constructive you
can do. Can you stay in stillness until a peaceful
answer comes?  Can you act to effectuate change?
Can you quietly move away and not catch the
boomerang of the unforgiving? Let the boomerang
return to the thrower.

Join YbD in a day of true light bearing just prior to the
Winter Solstice. Do not let the onset of the shortest
day, the longest and dark night be a metaphor for your
life. Learn the art of Loving Kindness, not just undo the
knots of forgiveness but undo the propensity to create
new resentments by choosing to respond rather than
react. This is a gift you give your Self.

Why would you want to keep any blocks to the Radiant
Sun, the Sun that is seen even when your eyes are closed?
We can indeed make the ordinary extraordinary thru the
act of forgivness.