Eliminate Stress. Stop
Even failure and your
perception of it 

can all
create stress and illness.
Holiday flus and colds are
usually the result
of stress. And it is all under your 
control, believe it or not. 

Eliminate Stress stop rejection even failure
can be used by understanding what stress is.
Simple and pure understanding.

Stress is the conflict that results when our
thoughts repeat commands that are impossible
to live up to. Perfect parent, nor  employee. One
cannot obtain the perfect gift or perfect anything.
Continue on for greater insight.

Stress is created when we want things to be
different or we want to change those things
that cannot be changed.

Eliminate Stress stop Rejection:
When we want this to be like that we make our problem; it all starts
with our mind. But most of us are not aware of the thoughts
that occur in  our head , all day long, like the murmur
of the crowd at a stadium, our subconscious mind is
ever chatting in negative talk. We can’t hear the voice of our heart
which is telling us “the answer is right here, your peace is right

Stress  can very often be reduced with some
simple practices. Stress is very often eliminated
with meditation. Read more about that in the above link.

Most stress is oxidized stress.

Read more about that
here. Yoga teaches you to manage stress therefore
you must
manage what is going on inside of you. Breathe.
No matter how long the line is, no matter how
rushed you feel slow down the breath, accept this is
what is happening now regardless of the temporary
emotions don’t let this spoil your day.
Tell yourself , however that the only thing
you can change in this minute is the way you relate
to what you think the problem is. Breathe, notice
what is happening in your sphere. Imagine you are
on your yoga mat. It is only this 24″ wide space that you
can control. This is You.

So the day may not go right. An idea we had was rejected.
A friend ghosted us. We were not put in charge of the project
we loved so much. Eliminate Stress: top Rejection failure
can look like manifestations in our friendship, our life
that seem to be going in a direction
so different than the one we thought or hoped for.
This is when the practice of yoga turns it around.
Yoga helps us see the positive in what has happened by
introducing us to the idea that although a door we made

has closed, there is another door opening which is Created by the Universe.

Don’t miss out on the joys in life by focusing on the failures in your life
or the failures of your day.
The day’s happenings are truly just the synergy to move us in the
direction of our Heart.

Don’t put yoga in a box this Christmas. Keep it an Integral Practice.
Where ever you go, bring yoga breath, yoga calm and yoga  mind.
If you loose touch, as soon as you realize that you have, just come
back to the breath. Keep that abdominal muscle moving to cue
you to stand, sit tall and breathe.


Happy Holidays.