announcingAnnouncing  Specialized Yoga classes for you


Announcing specialized yoga classes for you that will target a particular area or particular concern will begin in May. Keep watching the schedule or email for ‘announcing specialized yoga classes for you’ with your affirmation that you want to register for one or all of these classes. There will be a class for cyclists, to keep lower back and hamstrings supple. There will be a class on Camel vinyasa for those of you who long for vinyasa but whose wrists or shoulders will not support classic sun salutations. There will be a class for runners and hikers. There will be a class for studying and preparing for inversions.  There will be a class for balance postures for those of you who need concentration skills and bone density. There will be class for flowing with fun moving and  listening to and finding your rhythm. There will be a class for deep savasana, not yoga nidra. Although Yoga Nidra is scheduled in the workshops. More to come. Announcing Specialized Yoga Classes for You.