A gift for each day of Christmas, 12 days

Give your self a gift each day of Christmas .

You think that when you go into a grocery store you are just
choosing something that fits your budget.
Do you think you are only choosing
what is easy to prepare?
Do you think you are just getting  the household fed?
Do you know that  everytime you walk into a grocery
store you are voting?

Give yourself a gift for each day of Christmas.
Change the way you think. Shopping for groceries
can be a habit that developed from way back.
These are not the foods your grandparents ate.
Not anymore.
Give your self and the world a gift for each day of Christmas.
Take a vote for a better place each time you shop.
Yes, you vote as to whether or not you want to continue
to eat chemicals that actually begin to break down
the brain tissue, body tissue and
the earth’s rich soil. You vote to keep illnesses
prevalent in your city, such as heart disease,
kidney failure, autism, diabetes, and
more. You vote to keep the most respected
drug dealer in operation:
the pharmaceutical industry.
conscious eater

Not all of these practices are
terrible. Not all of these companies are evil.
Most are just filling  the need that you
request. Your request is filled
with each choice you make in the grocery market.
 So begin to vote and request
something different. 

For each day of Christmas when we exchange gifts
begin giving one of the lasting gifts: change your mind,
then you can change your habits. Don’t let greed and 
unconscious behavior of others prevent you from 
becoming a conscious eater.
I live in a meat eating household. I also had to start eating
meat after being a vegetarian for several years because I do
not absorb plant iron. But in the transition back I have learned
how to eat consciously. We don’t need alot of animal protein. We
consume far too much. I changed the animal selections. I choose
only grange or grass fed animals. I eat only eggs from chickens
that roam free and eat bugs not GMO corn. The eggs look
different and one egg can sustain me for hours.
If you are omnivorous, just take what you need from the links
below and modify your animal protein consumption.
If your vegetarian, be mindful of the vegetables and fruits you


There are several places in town that offer range free meats.Email
us for their names if you do not know of them. Most supermarkets
have an organic section. Vote to have a chemical free environment
by buying organic. Supermarkets take your vote when your shopping
cart contents go over a scanner.
Eliminate the need or quantity of your prescription drugs by choosing
a healthier intake of food, by becoming more conscious in your
decisions on what to eat. Try it for just 21  days.
Make one modification 
a month, just one and make 2016
your year into greater health.

Take time to go to each link, one day at a time. 
20 experts flew from all parts of the world 
to gather and discuss issues of nutrition for the 
earth and your body. They met for 10 days. 
If it was important enough for them could you 
give yourself this gift and make it important 
for you to listen?

What is really bad about processed foods.

Eat More Weigh Less

What is the effect of animal products on our earth, our body and our spirit.

The cause and solution for diabetes.

Major causes for climate changes; the security of water; the most serious threat
  to our earth; what methane is doing to this planet.

Killer Chemicals; what is their effect; why don’t you take it seriously?

Pills for health or pills to keep you sick?

GMO’s and your  and your child’s health.

Do the top diseases in America have to be?

Factory Farms: Do you really want to eat eggs from
a chicken that never walks, never sleeps and more?

Think a bit more about what you put in your
 child’s lunchbox.

Sugar the Kiss of Death.

for the complete conference videos click here.