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Cancelled Body Awareness Spinal Yoga

February 7 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Spinal yoga & myofascia Hydration

 Spinal Yoga  is a great precursor to learning
the Rope Walls ( soon to come to YbD). Spinal Yoga  is
a yoga for beginners and also for those students with experience.
Therefore spinal yoga can easily be called : Know your body well yoga.
The level of this class is beginner to experienced.  The instructor
style allows for this mix by calling verbal
instruction which is  movement by movement.

At times the class may begin or end with a segment of Soma Yoga or
Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga .

evalyn has added Body Awarness Movement to 
the class to clearly hear signals the body gives
all day long to prevent distorted body postures
that eventually lead to pain, tightness and discomfort. BAM 

Evalyn’s experience with body mechanics helps
the student to re-orient the body to proper alignment in Spinal Yoga.
As a result natural Body Mechanics  keeps  the soft tissue
internally hydrated. The body is now flexible consequently allowing
the body to move in a more relaxed way and thus relaxing
the mind. The student can  find breath work easier and
furthermore relax
tendons, ligaments,and fascia as well as muscle.
mixed movement 2

Spinal Yoga  will make  use of varying body
movement toward a more natural state and pleasant state. The  postures
focus on slow lengthening and strengthening of  the spine.
It maintains
healthy alignment of the skeletal system. This results in  slow methodical
transitions of the body so you gently can move into depth without
sacrificing form.
The instructor helps to  create awareness of symmetry in the hips.
Knees and thighs and feet reorient to proper alignment.
This improves gait and posture.
Learn to  use the key pivot points of the body and
bend where you were meant to hinge ; discard
old behaviors that put stress on joints and spine.
Focus on natural movements that
we have abandoned in our insular interior dwellings.
Get back to our more natural strong state.

mixed movement


Spinal Yoga will  incorporate movement
that replicates functional use as well as traditional
asana for stretch, rest and corrective strategies.


The class will help to use the internal hydration process
of developing fascia fluidity. The class will increase
the sensitivity to sensory inputs and develop proprioception
for easier balance and concentration.

The class will help to find the inner child intelligence,
and return to child like suppleness. Spinal
Yoga is strong and balanced  and
will help with deeepening the connection to the cord
of Light and utilize your inner guide to release and relax.

The longer classes will incorporate the traditional
yoga style focusing on inner developement, living
in three cities: body, personal mind, Universal mind.

intensity: moderate
level: beginner to advanced


Yoga by Donation, Portsmouth Studio
147 Congress Street, Suite C
Portsmouth, 03801
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