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Fascia Anatomy for Yoga Asanas

March 28 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Fascia Anatomy for Yoga Asanas is a workshop
for Yoga Instructors.

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Fascial Anatomy and Manual Assisting
Techniques for Yoga Instructors

Join Vanessa for this insightful lecture
and demonstration on Fascial Anatomy
and how to incorporate this into your
manual assists while teaching yoga.

In this 2  hour workshop, Vanessa will go over key areas
of fascial anatomy describing new concepts of
psycho-bio-neurological and physiological function
as well as how to gently incorporate assists in
these areas of the body. Through these subtle
manual cues yoga students can engage in the
poses in a more mindful and anatomically
functionality way.

Fascia also called connective tissue is a
clear sticky fibrous web that weaves in
and around all the structures of the body.
It encompasses the bones while connecting
and encasing muscles, joints and viscera.
This intercellular matrix allows the body to
suspend and move in space in a tensegrity
structure while proper hydration and fitness
of these tissues can increase mobility and
alignment. In conjunction with muscles and
bones, this tissue web houses mass networks
of nerves, arteries, as well as the lymphatic
system essentially linking all systems of the
body through this mass network.

In this workshop, the class will have a brief review of the muscula
r and skeletal regions and then begin examining key fascial
elements within the body. Students will discuss fascial
anatomy, structure, and mobility while linking these concepts
to various systems of the body to understand connective
tissue fascia as a conscious network that functions as an
extension of the neural pathways of the brain. Join Vanessa
on March 28 at 10:00 o’clock to deepen your understanding
of anatomy in a comfortable discussion-based format.


Class will cover selections from below:

Fascial structures, yoga pose, manual adjustment and technique:

  1. Fascial structures:

Galea Apanorotica, posterior triangle of the neck, clavicle and upper thoracic outlet


during Shavasana


Occipital hold

Indirect Fascial cap scrunch

Cervical taffy pull

Upper thoracic outlet/ clavicular hold and spread

  1. Fascial Structures:

Interocious Membrane of the forearm, retinaculum of the hand.


Warrior Pose, Tadasana, any seating or lying pose


Double hand pull and peal IO and Hand

Retinaculum fluff

  1. Fascial Strucutes

Thoracolumbar aponeurosis, Supraspinous Ligament


Childs Pose, Utanasana, seated or standing forward fold.


Palm spread following fibers lateral, across

Palm spread gently along SP’s to lengthen Supraspinous Ligament

  1. Fascial Structures

Interosseous Membrane of the leg, retinaculum of the ankle, Plantar Fascia, the three joints of the foot.


seated legs out, Shavasana, standing poses.


Foot mapping

Dorsi Fluffing

Retinaculum Fluffing

Fibula Tibia Squeeze

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March 28
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Portsmouth, 03801
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