Sunday Outdoor Yoga Now On Weather Schedule

Sunday Outdoor Yoga. Every Sunday we meet in a differrent place until Oct 4 2020. After Oct 4 2020 check the schedule. If temps are too chilly we will not hold an outdoor class. If the weather is just fine, then class will be held depending upon weather conditions. Email  to get on the locartion […]

PreNatal Yoga INQUIRY

PreNatal Yoga class so important for Mother, Baby and even Dad. Yes, Dad. We will gather a class together of a community of parents-to-be whether first-time or another child is on the way. Please email with your preferred day and/or time so we can collect information to offer another successful PreNatal yoga class. This time we […]

Sunday Meditations Get in Joy, Stay in Joy

Remote Class Gathering Zoom LIVE Internet

It is the 21st Century. Learn to meditate, Hone meditation skills. Apply meditation skills as a result of
Sunday Meditation Get in Joy Stay in Joy