Early Morning Yoga

ONLINE YOGA CLASSES online Eastern Daylight Time, Portsmouth

45 minute class offered at various starting hours in the morning. A yoga that changes your life. Click for detail.

yoga for Ease of Breath, Ribs and Core

Remote Class Gathering Zoom LIVE Internet

Yoga for ease of breath, Ribs and Core This virtua;l live class iis for everyone. Preatal, Post Natal,Stressed, or Indifferent yogi. Today's times has many people stressed and filled with anxiety. This class will focus on loosening the upper body's muscles and subsequently relaxing the entire body. Deep Breath, Intercostal Muscles, IliacusPsoas Massage. Learn to […]

OUtdoor Yoga Location varies each week

Outdoor Yoga requires only a towel or mat to put down on grass or table. You will get a full stretch. Discover muscles that have not been used this week. Strengthen the weak ones. And get some lovely fresh air. Sometimes the day or time may change depending on circumstances. So register early. Outdoor Yoga  […]


Restore with Liquid Movement

Remote Class Gathering Zoom LIVE Internet

Restore with Liquid Movement is a different kind of yoga class. In this class of restorative yoga we will move almost entirely to the end. Yet this slow subtle movement will leave you in the same state as traditional restorative yoga. Founded out of a need for shifing positions post-op I found it particularly relaxing […]