U-choose at YbD requiring integrity

The qualities that move us to greater
healing can be reflected in our policy of
U-choose at YbD requiring integrity.

Because  your donation is anonymous
for our regular yoga classes it relies totally
on your relationship with your Self. Are you
honoring the flow of abundance in your life
by allowing the flow of integrity to guide you
and help you make choices that address your
higher Self and not the impulsive self.
Can you do with out that extra drink,
or that tempting 6th great top and put the
money toward your soul’s growth rather
than immediate gratification of the body.
Or worse yet , by holding on to the idea
that the universe does not support you in
the area of money. Money is energy.

We need to pay rent and other expenses
such as maintenance of the website,
telephone, and equipment repair. We
need to purchase supplies such as  trash
bags, vacuum cleaner bags, mat disinfectant
spray and the cost of printing brochures.

This is not free to us. Therefore YbD is not
a free yoga class. But we ask that attending students
recognize that U-choose is an opportunity for them
to actually evaluate what yoga means to them.
Take a look at the tradeoffs. Can you forgo something
frivolous in your life to pay for a yoga class.

$1 does not buy much in the world these days.
Neither does it do much for our yoga studio.
But after truly examining your situation we will
not turn you away with a $1 donation. But we ask
that perhaps you help us by donating your time
or your talent. Ask a teacher what you can do to help.
Email us and we can work something out.

Money is energy. Hold back only on yourself.
Understand the science of giving.

$5 helps us meet a goal of paying our rent
$10 guarantees that the rent will be paid for this month
$15 will help us meet the other monthly expenses
$16 or more will keep the studio open and eliminate
the anxiety that may develop at the end of the month
when we try to pay our bills.

Our studio is a first class quality studio, with experienced
teachers, many of whom offer hands on adjustments.

Some new students have asked for guidelines as to how this
operates. So U-choose at YbD requires integrity because
we ask that you drop your donation in the box anonymously.
But we ask that you maintian integrity in doing so.
Honor our instructors, honor our model of U-choose ,
honor our studio but most importantly honor your self.

Begin to change the way you think from a lack based 
system to a more abundant point of view. This is the
beginning step of seeing your life as a stagnant pond
or a flowing river where the waters are money. Just another
energy form which works in conjunction with all the energy
of your life.