Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.16.31 AMTwo New Classes
Thursday 7pm & Friday 7:30 pm

Thursday Night’s 7pm class is led by Audrey I.
I have had the pleasure of attending her class after
the 5:30 restorative. Why not. Restorative got the
mind supple and relaxed and the body followed.

I thought some deep overall stretching would be
great. Audrey’s class was just the right solution.

She has a yoga flow which is uniquely her own.
It is unpredictable but each class is consistent.
So if you come to Tuesday’s Ashtanga you would welcome
Thursday’s vinyasa flow and work your muscles differently.
If you come to Wednesday’s Classical yoga you can come to
Thursday’s Vinyasa flow to expand your vocabulary in Classic.

Audrey will call out options in each pose to adjust for your yoga
experience and body flexibility.
Your soft tissue will be softer when you are in final savanna and your
muscles will be stronger. So will your bones as she incorporates
just enough bone density poses. Her commentary is pleasant and generous.
Come and be in Yoga with Audrey. She is a wonderful instructor. The class
will so benefit your life. Begins at 7pm Thursdays.


Friday 7:30 pm Meditation

Friday June 3 begins a  new meditation class with
Rama Meshram . He will teach the meditation
of Hindu Style, Raja. He will also teach the application
of the meditation in every day life. He is an example of it.
He lives a balanced life and wants you to live a
balanced life, also. He knows the happiness it brings.

When you meet Ram you feel the joy
exude from his pores. He is a most joyful person.
So mark your calendars and put Friday nights
activities to start at 7:30 at YbD.
Then after the class go about your Friday night
fun and see what a difference it will make.