A huge cause for Anxiety- reverse it! Tame it!
One simple way

More and more people are telling me they cannot wait for the election
to be over because the anxiety they feel is getting to be too much:
restless nights, little sleep, too much sleep, irritable moods. These are just some
of the tell-tale signs of anxiety.

I have heard some people say, “I am combatting anxiety.” This statement itself
plants the seeds to anxiety by making a statement of conflict. Any conflict causes
anxiety. Forms of conflict are many in the external world: but our life originates
internally. First my own belief system generates and idea which becomes a
thought. This thought then generates an emotion that supports the thought.
The thought, having grown stronger generates another similar thought,
which in turn generates another supporting emotion which continues to edify the
belief system. On and on the cycle goes.

It is like digging a trench and saying I
want to get out of this hole. But as you dig
away you are not able to  escape the
trench on your own.

So first asses where you are; are you in an anxiety trench that feels inescapable?
Are you just becoming aware that you are digging a trench and need to step
back and evaluate just how deep?
Are you just seeing how you have the shovel in hand and keep digging out of
habitual action?

Let’s remedy these in the order presented.
The trench feels inescapable. First admit that you need help.
If someone were to lend you hand, or a ladder you would be able
to escape the trench and live on top of the earth again. Out of darkness,
out from the shadows of the mud and dirt and gravelly walls. Once you
desire to be in this sunny cheery place you can than ask for help.

Asking for help comes in two easy ways.

Discuss it with another.

But it is important that you discuss it with another
who is on the terra firma, up in the light, in the cheery zone.
A meditation group is such a place. Persons gather in an interactive
meditation class and confidentially state the problem and then do the
inner work to have the problem removed. In an interactive meditation
class, you see that you have the power to do this; it is an inside job.
Your joy is first made inwardly to project outside of you, conversely
your misery is an inside job. Your misery is first created inwardly, you
add resistance to it, increasing the misery and the trench gets deeper.
Once you see this your choice to rise becomes the impetus to change
and anxiety is shone away. This kind of processing is done during the
Sunday Interactive Meditation Group 5:30pm at YbD in a virtual
classroom.  Try a class.

The second circumstance is your own awareness that you are in
a shallow trench but still digging to make it deeper.

You move to the awareness that you can stop.
The remedy is the awareness.
Each time you pick up the mental shovel you become aware
that this action hurts you does not help you. Through
this awareness you now see your moment by moment choice
of where you want to be. Again, the Interactive meditation
class makes the space to become aware
and to handle the choices of awareness.  Yoga also does this.
Yoga places us in the situation of being aware of the physical
sensations in our body before the physical sensations make
a firm impenetrable emotional and mental state.
Catching the problem early is easier to resolve.

The third circumstance comes from lifetime patterns
established in your home or even a broader society.

You have become conditioned to reaction rather than reflection.
Society demands rapid responses which are in fact conditioned
responses. Once you see this you can begin to break the cycle.
This route of change relies on disciplined action. Each time you
see the pattern arise. Pause, take a deep breath, and then
notice clearly what is happening with you. Do you want to be
hijacked and carried away on societal whims or can you learn
to become an independent thinker and break free from conditioned thinking?
Here to the Interactive Meditation class assists in freeing your
Self from habitual thought to unique and appropriate thoughts
that are truly informed thoughts of course of action and consequence.

Do not underestimate the power of the subconscious mind .
Subconscious means hidden and hidden it will remain if you do
not take action.  The action is empowering and liberating and
requires little in the way of equipment. Do you have a chair or
floor upon which to sit? Can you access a Class on YbD?

Join me and others who are walking the way of calm and
happiness by rising above the conditioned mesmerized
thoughts of society. Claim back your Mind.
Live free of anxiety,

chipping away little by little or just letting it GO!