Brittany Surfing Yogini

Brittany St. Martin is the surfing Yoga teacher of last month’s riddle. She was our fabulous Tuesday 7:30 am yoga instructor. She arrived around 7:10 to be sure the room was lit and toasty for you. She taught a gentle Kripalu yoga, which focuses on asana (postures) and learning or cultivating your mind/body connection. She is a fabulous teacher and for those of you who could not attend any of her classes you will never know her gentle strength and kind teaching methods.
Yes, Brittany was the surfing yogini of YbD. She has completed a year with us and now teaches in the environment where she practices her Physical Therapy.
This is the caliber of our teachers at YbD. They may not be famous or have the utmost glamour, but their love exudes along with wisdom and strength.
Here is her story about her hobby and love of the ocean:
She surfs on a 8’6” board, maximum detail that Brittany retains since the idea behind her surfing is to have a lot of fun,!.
She  originally tried surfing upon high school graduation. Her brother had just started surfing himself, so Brittany accompanied him one day. Neither of them were certain of what to do on the board. Mastering the water could not be claimed by her brother and so it was a beginners’ introduction to surfing which did not last for Brittany.
It has been said that we meet people for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Brittany dated a ‘guy’ a few years ago whose reason was to re-introduce her to surfing. After the relationship faded the surfing stayed in her life scene permanently. She continued the surfing with a female friend who shared a similar experience as Brittany in the way it related to surfing.
When I asked Brittany what she likes most about surfing she said, “It is hard to pick just one aspect. I love the feelings of freedom, joy, and excitement when I get up on a wave. I love that as a surfer you are at the mercy of mother nature.” Brittany does enjoy the digital detox that is mandatory when you’re with your board, on or near the water, waiting for the wave. The surfing community offers opportunities to chat with other surfing friends and to meet others randomly as they might surf a new beach.
A beginner nature-friendly beach is Jenness in New Hampshire. It is a place Brittany visits often. She has also surfed Long Sands, in southern Maine. And at times she returns to surfing with her brother for a few breaks in Rhode Island.  She has even surfed once on the Northwest Coast of Ireland in Lahinch, county Clare.
When asked about coming out of the cold New Hampshire sea if she has used the Sauna on Wheels. She replied, “I have not but I’d love to and I think it’s an awesome idea.”
Brittany can now add Costa Rica to her surfing list. She has just returned. She also looks forward to going to the surf in the Baja with her brother. 
Surfing and Yoga are two joys of Brittany who is a physical therapist as vocation. Yoga keeps Brittany limber, strong and able to balance which helps enormously while on the board. She uses some pranayama and meditation techniques to help calm and center her on bigger wave days. Surfing and meditation go hand in hand, it is hard to be on a wave and have your mind anywhere else.

Now on Tuesday and Thursday mornings we have the marvelously manly but gentle Tom who wants you to greet the day with him and Open Your Heart to all that the day does offer.

We will profile Tom at a later date. Keep checking back.