Please check our weekly or monthly schedule regularly.Some teachers take a holiday and we do not have enough substitutes.  Some workshops and classes are seasonal. Others fade away. New ones added for holidays. Always reschedules for Holidays. Some classes are a trial (Pilot). These are frequently referred to as Pilot Classes and are usually highlighted in yellow.Read the monthly schedule for their frequency. Read on for detail….

The upcoming changes are : Deb’s Tuesday class will continue with Heidi filling in with Classical Yoga until June 24.

Deb’s Thursday 9:15 class will begin at 8am and be led by Tom until July 9th.

The 5:30 PM Thursday Restorative Class and 5:30 Friday TGIF class will begin at 6PM, to allow a bit more breath between the commuteto our studio. You can come early on Thursday to limber up and quiet your mind in order to go deeper in the Restorative Class.  For June , Pilot classes occur at 5pm Friday. 

And a reminder is given to always check the schedule on Holiday weeks.