Space Rental

Space Rental

Space Rental the light is lovely in our studio with the window facing South. This is the shadow on the all natural wool carpet.

Space Rental

The studio space is large and well light. The carpet is all natural wool. The ante room is quiet behind the clear glass French  doors. It is 900 sq. feet. Scent free.

Space Rental

This studio is well lit both with natural light, wall sconces and fabric draped flourescent lights.

Space rental? Yes,
this space is for rent:
minimum of 2 hours /
$40 for first two hours
additional time  at $16/hr.
Please add $5 additional if paying
with PayPal.
If your actual workshop is 2 hours
plan on renting for 2.5hrs , allowing people to gather and
time for cleanup and close up after the workshop.

There are times when we do not use the studio:
Look at our schedule and choose dates where you
do not see blocks assigned. Our online calendar
only goes out for four months. If your horizon is longer
than please email evalyn with dates in which you are

So we offer space rental.  You rent the space,
you promote your topic.
Pop up shop for your new holistic business?
Want to experiment and begin your own yoga
business? Want a space to teach a new modality?
Do you want to offer a yoga party for that
dedicated yogi? Do you want to create
your own energy healing group? Do you need
a temporary place to meet? What is it you need?
Talk to us, we are open to negotiate as well.

If you want to rent on a regular basis,
i.e. weekly monthly same day
We can make special arrangements.
Once a regular rental is reserved there is only
a refund for two weeks (14 days) notice so that the space
may then be used.

Why look endlessly for the right energy space
when we have it at YbD.
Read why energy is important in your business
or function.
Just call or text: 603 498-5725 or email Evalyn to
work out the details
for Space Rental in beautiful downtown
Portsmouth, NH.
Please allow several days for a return phone call
as all staff volunteer their time and do not dedicate
each day to YbD business.

Take a look at our schedule for the date
of which your are thinking of having your event.
If there is nothing scheduled then please
request it.

Parking available immediately behind
the studio in the Worth Parking Lot ( 2 hr max)
and across the street in the Bridge Street
Lot ( 4 hr max). The parking garage is only three
blocks down Congress Street( no limit on time)

We are shoes off facility. Food allowed in ante-room
only. No beverages allowed except in ante-room. 
There is ample  room for coats and shoes.
There are two dressing rooms.

We have two three foot sq. tables, 12chairs
and 14 backjacks. We also  have yoga mats to
loan for use in the studio.