Slots to be filled

The final say on slots available is the
weekly or monthly at a glance
schedule found on the page:
Events Calendar.

Below may be some open slots
that have not yet been filled.
However the events calendar is the
ulitimate authority.
If you do see a class slot filled
you still may discuss this with
evalyn, that spot may soon
be available.
We are looking to fill the following slots on a
weekly or twice/month basis:

Monday AM
any times from 10:15 – 2pm

  Monday PM

Tuesday AM

Tuesday start time 7:30 am

 Wednesday AM
Wednesday start time 8am – 9:15
Wednesday start time 10:45 am – 11:30
Wednesday start time noon- 2pm

Wednesday  PM

Thursday AM
First Thursday each month

Friday AM
Friday start time 9:15 am

Friday PM
start time 7:00 pm

Create a workshop . It can begin any time after 11am.

We are always open to schedule once a month classes or workshops
during other open hours on our schedule. We prefer but
are not limited to class duration:
Saturday 11am to 1 pm
Saturday 1pm to 4 pm
Sunday 11am to 1pm
Sunday 1 pm to 4pm

We prefer all  teachers to be highly proficient and/or  certified or document at least 200 hours of teaching experience. Exceptions are entertained.

The above classes do not need to be restricted to Yoga, but need to be in alignment with those practices considered to be consciousness raising in nature.