Rule of Law and Yoga

Rule of Law and Yoga: How they are related.

First we need to understand the term Rule of law.
Once this is understood Rule of law and Yoga relationship will be fully understood.

Rule of law is a set formula of “if this then that”.
  When the rule of law no longer follows this formula then there is total uncertainty. If this then what?

Laws are set in place to define boundaries or parameters in which society as a whole will be protected and by doing so society will not be harmedas long as there is consequence or recompense.

So, imagine waking up one day and driving to work and a friend of someone in political power runs a red light and crashes into your car. By having a friend in a politically powerful place the person is exonerated and now you  are left without the right to claim damages from this person or not even claim damages from your own insurance company because they now declare that there was no one held responsible for the incident other than yourself.

Imagine that an ambitious person wants to claim your property to expand their own boundaries or wealth and you go to court, and the judge throws out the case because the political allie of the ambitious person says he has no deterrent to stop his right to expand his territory. You lose with no recourse but to sell at whatever the price is.

Yes, these are two extreme scenarios, but they are nevertheless highly possible scenarios of the crony system that permits influence from politically powerful people to sway the law for their own benefit.  You enter into a realm we could call crony capitalism where friends of the political earn and benefit and those who are not cannot earn and benefit. 

You may say that influence already does happen in our society. This may be true but still one does have the boundaries of law on their side and can take action to protect their rights as a free citizen and those boundaries of law can and do prevent persons who are not conscious to behave in a “civilized” manner, meaning benefiting all of society.

So, where does yoga enter into all of this? Yoga is a practice that is not only about keeping the body flexible but about guiding you to the inner source of healing which keeps the body flexible. This inner source is what we find when we hold an asana for more than 60 seconds, when we focus on the feeling sensations of the body and/or when we rest in savasana. It is this inner source that defines our strength. When we know our strength we can discuss or respond with truth and with grace. We learn it is beneficial to speak without heated emotions so that we might introduce logic, In so doing we can introduce questions to others who may be swayed by personality rather than principles.  Thus in turn we assist others in becoming independant thinkers, too. When we find this inner strength in yoga we learn to be reflective on the things we hear and see. We learn to put aside selfish wants for a more harmonious desire to serve our higher self and the greater society. Deep down we are sharing individuals and want to give because by so doing we benefit when ” a fair tide lifts all boats”.  Any act when not considering the greater whole is a destructive act. Any act that says my needs are more important than your needs is a destructive act in that it takes away, unexpectedly, the trust that someone develops in life. Yoga helps us find the inner waiting and fortitude to live constructively.

TRUST is not only possible but is the only outcome when we live from the inner source, our authentic self. This is freedom from anxiety. This is freedom from fear of speaking up. We, yogis, find our voice of kindness and logic and rational thinking in the face of madness. We no longer sit by silently watching someone in the midst of insanity but witness in someway to their healing that may move them to sanity.

Yoga helps us to become an independent thinker to hear what is being said externally and taking it inside to consider and reflect and ask questions. Is it true for all people? Is it fair? Is it impartial? Does it grant an opportunity to all or just a select few? What personally can I do if I disagree with this? Do I need to change and for the better? Will I succumb to my lower nature or rise to my authentic self?
This is the true empowerment of yoga. Understanding and taking responsible action according to our station in life. Each individual has access to responsible action, whether it be referring it to the Infinite or registering a complaint, organizing a group or writing a letter. The authentic self will lead each person into right action and can actually lift others up who still struggle with identifying with the baser and more competitve person whose ambition turns to endless wanting and a desire to dominate rather than share.

Come to yoga, learn to quell anxieties that rise from living a purely externally motivated life. Become the person you were born to be: Authentic! Be a Witness of Truth and taker of personal responsible action.

Become the person you were born to be.