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Yogi Duane

Yogi Duane distills the teachings of
Three well known Yoga Schools.

Yogi Duane includes disciplins from Kripalu, Sivananda, and B.K.S Iyengar. Shivananda stressed consistent practice with a focus on the spiritual, while Iyengar is the renowned name for Hatha Yoga Practice. Kripalu is a gentle middle road style practice. All have their benefits.

Yogi Duane combines these into a moderate exercise level, meditative flow and restorative style yoga event.  These events are generally impromptu and based on those energies attending class any given day. Themed events are occasionally offered, check our fbpage @yogiduane or this site.

He broadens his knowledge base via continuing education and this adds to the special flavor of a Yoga for Humans class. Recent studies include Feldenkrais Method, yoga mythology with Zo Newell, and he is a Yoga Journal reader.

At his Sunday a.m class
no two classes are ever completely alike.
Yogi Duane strives to create Yoga(union) through
continually approaching postures and breath
from different viewpoints physically as
well as mentally.

Yoga has Eight limbs and this instructor  stretches all of
yours over the course of a few months.
Try one, try a few, you’ll be better for it.

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