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Lori Cote

Began her journey with yoga in the early 90’s practicing Ashtanga, Bikram and Hatha yoga. Lori left her corporate job in 2016 after her pursuit for a more fulfilling path echoed in her soul. She has studied Peruvian and African Shamanism over the past 6 years and made multiple trips to Peru to work with the local shamans. In October 2017 Lori became a certified fire walk instructor through a certified trainer of the Sundoor School. Her passion for yoga led her and her husband to India in August 2018 where they received their 260-hour Yoga Teacher Training from the Somanada Tantra Yoga School.  Lori and her husband have a great aspiration of the teachings of Yogananda.  Lori’s ultimate goal is to reach self- realization. “The yogis say you will never sincerely be fulfilled without knowing your true nature and answering the fundamental questions in life – “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”  Lori believes we should spend our lives seeking and discovering the truth, transcending the dream of Maya and unveiling the deception of illusion. She has always been a seeker at heart and she feels most connected with the divine and self during her yoga practice and in nature.

Authentic Hatha Yoga- is an energy-based Tantric form of yoga focusing on strengthening the mind. Lori’s classes aim to guide the students to a fuller understanding of self and the divine within and enhance clarity and focus, boost energy and vitality as well as emotional balance and inner harmony.

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