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Lana Bluege

Lana Bluege recently moved to Portsmouth.

This event occurred in August 2017. Naturally she arrived  with her
two dogs. She apprenticed as a “Karmie”, a person giving service to
the community in exchange for rewards when she lived in CT. Hence,
since moving to Portsmouth she has moved to wishing to offer
seva  or volunteer at Yoga by Donation for the
joy of it. In joining the team of other wonderful , experienced instructors
she adds a missing piece to our schedule,Kundalini Yoga.

Although as a way of living in the material world  she works in the
environmental field she has also  been practicing hatha yoga for over 10 years.
Within the last two years, Lana began her journey with kundalini yoga.
Lana Bluege  became a certified kundalini yoga teacher practicing under
Ravi Singh, a direct student of Yogi Bhajan.
Since that time she has taught in a private setting as well as
Raven’s Wing Yoga Studio in Branford, Connecticut.

To Lana, yoga is a daily practice that continues even when your feet
leave the mat. She believes that yoga is a practice that we are all drawn
to at birth and allows for a natural spiritual awakening bringing us back
to a feeling of home and balance. Lana works to brings positive energy,
strength, and humor to her teaching and outlook on

As a Certified Master Gardener
and practicing herbalist, Lana Bluege
often brings natural elements to support
the practice. As a kundalini yoga teacher
she hopes to gently guide each person to
empowerment and claim their birthright
and initiate to higher consciousness.

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