Lana Bluege teaches the Kundalini Class at YbD
every Monday evening at 7pm. She recently
offered a one time class last Tuesday
while subbing for Tom’s class.

Because we are Yoga by Donation
various groups reach out to us to
do on-site yoga classes. The Berwick
Library in Berwick ME was such a
group. Lana volunteered  to teach
Kundalini Yoga there.

I thought you might get a good
sense of what Kundalini Yoga is
all about. So Lana answered a few
questions about her experience
teaching Kundalini at the Berwick
Library. She teaches the class in chairs.
The below are her words, she is referenced as the pronoun.

My students at the library are a variety
women at different levels of physical
limitations and experience with yoga itself.
While the clientele are older [in my experience]
than most that experience yoga classes,
the ages vary and we create a space that
is welcoming yet challenging for everyone.
[Kundalini] Chair Yoga has the ability to
adapt to various
levels of physical limitations and
I work to find a balance for each student.


My students related favorite experiences
about the class: the breathing and the
final visualization practice. I often say
that the end meditation is the dessert
but you have to experience the physical
and mental challenges during the
practice to truly appreciate that final
relaxation experience. The ladies really
love the visualization at the end and it
often puts them in a calm state when
leaving class to face their day.


I am not sure if I can say exactly
why each student comes back;
I think everyone has their own
connection that may not, yet, be fully
shared with the other students or [me].
I will say that my students have all
agreed that their flexibility, their strength,
and their state of calmness has
increased since coming to
Kundalini Chair Yoga at the Library.
Also related to me is the fact that
they  use the practice outside of class.


(They leave enough donations for gasoline,
but the reward is greater than that and
cannot be measured in those terms.)


Working with older women has
been beneficial for the students
and myself.

I was apprehensive about teaching
those of an older age that have
never experienced yoga. I was
worried that kundalini in particular
might be a little too unique for
them given the breath work,
chanting and intense positions.
Happily, I was very mistaken. The
ladies loved the practice and
accepted the uniqueness with
open minds and open hearts.

It was a very natural progression
They  trusted me for which is all a teacher
can ask.

For others interested in attending
a kundalini class consider this:
It is an opportunity to meet your
true self. It is a chance to experience
a different side of life that has laid
dormant for some time within you.
Kundalini has the unique benefit of
balancing a physical and spiritual
workout and can show students the
path to an awakened or improved life.
Students may or may not be ready
for this transformation and that is OK;
everyone is at a different stage of life.
However, it is an amazing experience
so when the opportunity is made available
welcome and accept a try. Monday 7pm at
YbD , 2nd Floor.