O O Yoga for Bone Building

O O is osteopenia osteoporosis and yes if you
drink soda and eat chips regardless of your age
you will want to attend YbD’s  O O Yoga on Monday a.m..
Have a cocktail or wine everyday? Monday’s class may be
right for you.
Are you still eating sugar, then whether your are 20 or 60
you will want to begin our O O workshop and attend Monday
a.m yoga class.  Why?

   The above are just 4 of the 9
worst foods which leach
the calcium out of your bones.
Strong bones need calcium.
We begin to build those bones
with healthy exercise and diets
when we are young, but we can
stop that building process
by choosing the wrong foods
and choosing a lifestyle where
inactivity prevails.

If you are having any curvatures of the spine, Kyphosis
this could be an outward sign of osteopenia Osteoporosis, what could lead
to osteporosis. If you eat the above foods outside of moderation.
Have you ever suffered anorexia, come back now and reverse those
draining tendencies. Have you been  or are you obese.  Build up the
bone bank and the muscle mass bank. It’s never too late to get
back on track and one can always do it. There are no excuses.

There are no true warning signs of this situation with one’s
bones. If one was proactive and had a bone density test then
Osteopena  Osteoporosis are diagnosed. However , that could be
too late to reverse. So learn about the 9 foods to avoid. Learn
about how to put calcium into your bone bank. Know that yoga
is a great way to increase the healthy stress on bones to
encourage bone strength. Discover modifications that you can
choose in all Yoga classes to keep those bones rebuilding. Yes,
Dr. Fishman of Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
has concluded through control groups, that yoga goes beyond
medication in improving bone density. The median age for his
control group was 68 years old. What can it do for you who may
start earlier.

O O for Osteopenia Osteoporosis.
We will be having several Sunday
workshops dedicated to
O O Yoga , where discussion will
take place regarding the
physiology of the silent dilemma.
Check out the websites workshops
page to learn more.