Not just yoga we will
guide you to your dreams. 

not just yoga we will guide you to your dreams

Be sure to look at Month at a glance.
Yoga classes are typically in blue blocks however we
are not just yoga we will guide you to your dreams.

We have workshops that go beyond
yoga because our teachers have reached a place
that is sacred in this world. They have
discovered the art of Sharing and this
has created teachers whose Spirits soar 
and they want you to fly with them.

Dedicated to the practice of SEVA, puts aside
their small egos, and places our teachers in the
realm of limitless capacity. Their generosity of
Spirit will lead you beyond the physical aspects
of yoga to the place of deeper peace and tranquility.

Not just yoga we will guide you to your dreams,
Many of our instructors are on the mystical path in life
and through continued education lead incredible workshops
that go beyond yoga. Learn more about Yama and Niyama,
clarity, contentment, simplicity, self discovery, and
surrender to the OmniPotent.
Our instructors take 30 day silent retreats.
Our instructors take extraordinary nutritional steps
and workshops.
Our instructors are open minded and rise above 
all difficulties in life to create a space to lead
a class just for the love of yoga.

You may know your dream, but do you know the path
to get there? Let our workshops show you how.
Click our workshops, look at blocks in purple, yellow and 
green. We are not just yoga, we will guide you to your dreams.

Let Yoga by Donation guide you to your dreams. Share your
community interests furthermore share experiences that guide you to your
dreams. Share lifestyle modifications that hinder or help you

Take a few minutes to look at our website and explore the month
at a glance. Explore workshops. Go to our home page, ask to be
notified . Talk to our instructors about what you are looking for.

AT YbD we are open. 
We have been part of the
community since 2009. 

There must be something
that makes us successful. 

In this world where you value
what you pay for , do not 

confuse by donation with
mediocrity. We have a bar of 

excellence. Our space is
wonderful. Our teachers greatly 

experienced, ranging in ages
from their 20’s to the 70’s.
Use us. We love to be utilized. 

Support us, whether on limited 

income or well to do. We are the 
studio for you.