I went to the Embodiment Workshop in December at YbD. This class was led by Vanessa Seychak.
As a result I decided to have a first time session with her regarding rolfing.

I had recently sprained a few mucsles in my back and thought I might seek some relief or hasten the healing. What I received instead was a huge delightful surprise.

I had an accident more than 20 years ago with considerable recosnstructive
surgery to my left arm. It was limited in motion and felt stiff and almost like
concrete. But over the years I had grown used to this feeling and never thought it needed healing nor could be healed any further. I had compensated for it.

When I went to Vanessa for my first rolfing session which was also my  first rolfing experience ever, I was amazed when she started working on my left arm, identifying it as a concern. I was wearing long sleeves so she could not see the scar.

When I left the session my arm was pliable, relaxed and even felt boneless. Boneless is a word I like to use when the muscles are so supple that there is no tension at all in that area of the body.

This feeling continued to last through two yoga classes and the weekend and continues today.

It did bring up some deep stored emotions and patterns that I needed to look at to maintain the relaxed state of the muscles of the arm. This does require mental vigilance. The vigilance is not strained, but an outcome of not crowding too much in the day, and  be sure there is no rushing,
no yielding into frustration or blame no defenses and these emotions can arise easily for you so that you can continue to heal deeply.

This is the integration part that is the result of  rolfing.

Aa a note: it is up to the patient to give feedback to Vanessa regarding the pressure of the massage. She regularly checks in verbally with you but one does need  to give frequent feedback regarding the fascia depth.

For instance , when she begins the massage she usess a scale of 1 to 5.
The scale is to let her know she can apply less or more pressure iin order to go deeper. “That  is 2″ I would say. ”
Okay now we are at 2 and a half” .
“That area is a three.”
“We are treading close to 3.5. ”

Vanessa likes to keep the pressure scale in the 2-3 range. This is totally subjective.  So be present with the treatment and contribute to  make it
a team effort.

If you would like to try a Rolfing Session with Vanessa
see  this link to FEB 15th on our calendar of classes. This will be
a great opportunity.