may pilot classes for cross training

May Pilot Classes for Cross Training


May Pilot Classes for Cross Training. A synopsis presented here –
Yoga for Cyclists
Yoga for Runners and Hikers—(offered twice)
Yoga for Back Care— ( Offered twice)
Breathe to Awaken
Camel Vinyasa

The above is presented for your convenience.  Please note that there are several pilot classes being offered at YbD. You can click on any to see a more detailed description. Some are being offered twice in the month. Some are being offerd just prior to a class that will be enhanced further by your attendance. 

The May Pilot Classes for cross training are being offered as a test. We want to explore the possibilities of establishing them as regularly scheduled classes. Attend the pilot and let us know if you would like to see it on the schedule. Do you want to see the May Pilot classes for cross training on the schedule? Then  email the instructor after class. Let us know that you will attend on a regular basis. Other wise the May Pilot Classes for cross training  will have been  offered as a way for you to explore yoga as part of your cross training. Or in the case of Back Care and Breathe to Awaken, you can incorporate them into your regularly attended class.