snow sceneSo in Portsmouth we will have received over 20 inches of snow on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday. ( I’m actually writing this before the 28th inch has fallen).

I look out the window where I live and there are no birds, no stray cats, no squirrels. I call my friends in VT and ask them, ” where are the chickens and the sheep” . “Inside, hunkered down” they say.

Ahh, lessons from the animals. Birds don’t fly trying to get somewhere in this weather. They find a warm dry spot and hang out until the wind and snow stop. Then they forrage.

Stray mama cats stay with their kittens, keeping them quiet and warm, still connected to the autumn litter, in a dry warmer barn or garage or woodshed cuddled together.

The squirrels nestle together in their deep nest with all tails swished above them keeping each other warm.

So I think, why fill this day with lots of activity. Why not keep each other warm?
Why don’t I take the lessons from the animals and also take a quiet day? All the businesses are closed.  Turn off the television ( I don’t have a television.). Turn off the alerts on the cellphone and leave it in a room where I can hear it if I need to hear it. Take time to be with the family in our home. Share the quiet,  deepen tenderness. Be introspective. Write today or paint ; play an instrument or get in touch with the creative aspects of who I am. If I take this time, others will follow.

Indeed, a quiet day with little activity creates a day of fullness and deep satisfaction. Who says we have to do alot to accomplish a lot?

Lessons from the animals. Take the cues from nature when life is clearly saying “Stop”.