For those of you who
have not yet had
an opportunity to
go to Leigh’s Sunday
yoga class, I say,
“Too bad, but now you
can unwind on Sunday Evenings
with Leigh”.

new class circle

It’s a great class that accommodates those of you
who want yoga on Sunday but sometimes have plans that
begin at 10am. With Leigh’s class you can do both!

Leigh starts off gentle  with stretches to warm you
up as she progressively moves into vinyasa flows.
She follows a set of series which build on the
previous set of warmed strengthened muscles.

Leigh loves to teach and give hands on assistance .
So this class is for the student who wants adjustments
to be made by the teacher and appreciates them.

I found her class to be gentle, firm with a building
crescendo of , in her words,  “athletic” yoga moves.
Move from tree to balance stick, from lunge to side plank,
Great! Yes you can do it.

This is a must for yogis who want soothing movements,
heat and strength.

Seasoned beginner to advanced.