Instructor Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to help make the experience of teaching at Yoga by Donation as rewarding and cooperative as possible within the context of clear expectations.

Who We Are

We accept no payment for teaching yoga at YbD. We are local teachers of various types of yoga and related healing disciplines.  What brings us together is our desire to reach out to people at all levels of physical and financial ability and to people who want to support a studio that does that routinely, as a way of doing business. We practice the art of seva ( selfless giving) teaching the modality for the love of the practice.  Go to the Classes page for our schedule, class descriptions and bios; and go to the Instructors page for our contact info. We welcome those who are certified or have documented teaching of at least 200 hours.

Management team

We are all part of YbD but the go-to person is Evalyn. Help us  find the new teachers for the studio and attract and create new  ideas for consideration  to be added to the schedule. Let’s see what  programs and classes can be offered at YBD. All are invited to offer suggestions . We accept ideas for new classes, supports classes and teachers as well those ideas which keep social media and event sites up to date. Contact Evalyn or  Bob.

Teacher Availabilty

It is the teachers responsibility to notify YBD management team of any changes in phone numbers or email. Should any student attempt to contact the teacher via email and not receive a response, after the second time of such occurence the teacher’s email will be deleted from the contact list. Should a teacher not respond to email from the management team, email will be deleted from the contact list. We ask that all teachers do reply to phone calls from the management teams and students as well if there is no email contact information for any reason.

Teacher photographs and videos, etc.

As video becomes more and more common place and required in marketing emails, all teachers are expected to be filmed in an interview that tells about themselves and their class. From time to time we may ask that a special promotional video or camera shoot be created and we ask for teachers to volunteer. All teachers are photographed at the studio in a particular style  and this photograph is published on the website in connection with the class they teach. The teacher also needs to provide a bio, inline with promotion of SEO standards, minimum of 300 words and easy to read.

Before Class

If you are ever the first to arrive at the back door in the morning and the door is locked you need to keep it unlocked as follows.  Take your key out and go inside.  Then let the door close and manually push in the panic bar and hold it in as you use the key that’s hanging on a chain right beside the door.  Insert this key in the only hole it can reach on the door and turn the key clockwise just enough to lock the panic bar in.  That keeps the door from locking when it closes.  If you use a rock to hold the door ajar instead, we’ll cool down the building fast.

Arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before class starts to introduce yourself to new students and to welcome your students.  Before students arrive, go to the sign-in pad, skip a line from the last entry and write in today’s date and time of your class and your first name, then underline this line.  All attending students can then sign in right under this line.  Point out to new students the keys to the bathrooms, the changing rooms and where they can put their coats and shoes.  Explain how the sign-in pad works, asking them to use both first and last names to help us all learn their names.  Have new students also fill out a registration card and leave the card near the teacher communication pad for , our volunteer,  to send out a thank you email.  Explain that if they want to get our weekly emails about the weekend programs and schedule changes, they must subscribe on any page of our web site. Ask them if they are on Facebook and , if so, to like us. This will enable them to receive daily reminders and articles published by YBD.

Even though the donation box is hard to miss, please  point it out to new students by telling them we are entirely supported by student donations and we appreciate whatever donation after class.  But respect our policy that all donations can be anonymous and all are appreciated.  Some students will put something into the box before class and some after class.  Some will donate some days but not others.  Most will use cash but checks made out to Yoga by Donation are also fine.  We support all these options as well as services they might want to provide to the running of the studio. Donation of services is also an option.

Teach Your Best Class Possible

By positioning yourself and your students in a circle, you reinforce the message that we are all practitioners together.  However, this is not a required set-up.  But please no candles of any type as some students have allergic reactions to candle smoke.  If there are over 12 students in your class, consider staggering their mats, with every other mat closer and further from the centerpiece, or consider an inner and outer circle. Teaching at Yoga by Donation is an opportunity to teach the class that embraces your passion. Take advantage of this opportunity even when you are subbing for another teacher.  We believe that all our instructors have something unique to offer students and their yoga practice can benefit from all our instructors.  If there is not a class immediately following yours and you want to run over, check this out with your students first.  As best you can, start on time and end on time. End with a mediation or relaxation.

After Class

After class , spread the word about new classes or workshops being offered. After class, remind those new students who did not have time to fill out a registration card to do so.  Announce for Facebook accounts to please ‘like’ us and let them to permit notifications.  Refer them to the Student News Bullentin Board with new workshops, etc. Thank them for coming and for whatever donations they can afford – as we depend on donations to keep our doors open.  Also, ask them to spread the word to their family, friends and co-workers about the opportunity available at Yoga by Donation.  Make sure they take away all their belongings and know where they can store their mats at the studio – on the shelf in the yoga room.

If the student borrowed a studio mat, ask them to leave it open on the floor, if this is the last class of the day and please spray it with Tea Tree oil, located in the squirt bottle , behind the teachers’ desk.
Check that the window is closed. Check that the stereo if off and the heaters are unplugged. Check that the lights in the studio are off.

Leave the studio picked up and ready for the next class.  Put left-behind student items in the Lost & Found basket beside the sign-in desk and add water to the water canister or water bottle beneath it (from the Women’s Room sink) as needed.

The Teacher Communication Pad

The only other pad on the desk besides the sign-in pad is the teacher communication pad.  Use itfor last minute messages to the next teacher or referencing phone calls on the answer machines. All other communication should be done thru voice or emails.

Bad-Weather Cancellations

If it is hard for you to get to the studio due to bad weather, phone Evalyn (207 439 6938) with enough time that she can post the cancellation on the web site, prior to students leaving their homes to attend YBD.


If you need a substitute for your class send out an email when at least 3 days notice is given. When you need an immediate sub, please call a teacher or Evalyn as a last resort. We ask that the main teacher do not inform the class of substitution since it fosters teacher loyalty which is incongruous with the yoga principles and conflicts with the studio’s mission.

If a teacher should not show up for a class without notification then YbD has the right to give notice to the teacher. If a teacher should not follow these guidelines then YbD may restrict the instructors teaching.

If  you volunteer to be a  sub, you are expected to teach your style class and not try to duplicate the teacher for whom you are subbing.  However, as in any class, do your best to orient your instruction to the students who are  present.  When you arrive at the studio, Put  your name on the sign-in pad to the right of the date and time of the class, just as if it were your class. Introduce yourself as usual and ask if any student has a recent injury or surgery about which you should know.

Teacher Compensation

All the yoga teachers at Yoga by Donation donate their teaching time and do not seek financial payment (refered to as Seva).  Their goal is to support a studio in which there are no financial barriers for students to attend yoga classes.  They may also be fine tuning their teaching skills or hoping that some students will become paying customers in other venues.  They also appreciate the opportunity to attend classes at YBD.

We also have rented space in which these venues are not by donation. They are considered separate vendors to YbD. Payment  arrangements are between the facilitator and the students.

Teachers requiring pre-registration

All registration is handled thru Eventbrite. It is up to the teacher to notify Evalyn whenever a scheduled event cannot take place due to the teacher’s unavailabilty. This should be done as soon as one knows of the conflict so students do not register for a cancelled class. Eventbrite confirms immediately with the student and sends a reminder two days before the workshop.   In case of cancellation the teacher needs to phone Evalyn so the cancellation can be posted to the website or the Eventbrite posting can be unpublished for the date being cancelled. 207 439 6938 is the number for cancellations.

All the classes are offered with a minimum of one student unless otherwise stated,  so the class will be held open until the cutoff time, which is usually 24  hours prior to the class time , unless another time frame is agreed upon by YbD staff.  Eventbrite registration notes the number of students registered.

Teaching Staff

Our teachers are certified Yoga teachers or have more than 200 hours of teaching experience and pratice yoga in temperment as well as physical asanas.
Teachers who have a consistent teaching reliability can teach more than one class a week on a regular schedule.  Teachers whose lifestyle prevents this reliability can enjoy the freedom of teaching one class a week, and offering their talents to substituting when needed.

Other Expectations between Yoga by Donation and Instructors

If you need to stop teaching for any reason at Yoga by Donation, please give Bob and Evalyn two weeks notice so they have time to find a replacement.  Expect the same from them  if they  need you to stop teaching at Yoga by Donation for any reason.

Basically, treat the studio as if it were your home, take care in its appearance and maintenance.  It is ‘your’ studio. It is ‘our’ studio.