Click on class. 
Click on “Register”  and an email will be generated. add the name or time of class, hit send. You will be emailed the link. That simple. 
 See below for more information.

Go to the monthly schedule. A blue colored block  denotes a class that is in studio, after you have been given clearance.

A yellow block signifies an online Live class. 
When your mouse hoovers over the yellow block you can see the time. When you click on the yellow box you will find a place to register by email. Click on the register button. An email will be generated using your  preferred email method. Add the name or time of the class in the subject or body and hit send. 

Then you will be emailed a link. 
We ask that you email by noon of each day for 
evening classes. By 9pm the night before a morning class. 

Thank you for your continued support. 
  You can donate by hitting the donate button at the top of the webpage using a credit card. 
   You can donate with paypal paying to
    You can pay using Venmo pay to :
   bob-vaccaro ending # 2258