Happy Hour Drink Alternatives
explores the ideas of enjoying the flavorful
drinks of our unhealthy history. Through
the exploration we pick out the key flavors
that satisfy and therefore redesign or redux
the standard recipe. Last week during Happy Hour Yoga
substitute, non alcoholic and fantastically flavorful . We
called it Pina Suprima.

Happy Hour Drink alternatives is a great way to start educating your self. Then
educate your family and friends. This is how a movement grows.
A rich blend of coconut, pineapple and cashews to create
a deep flavorful drink that could be served for New Year’s Eve.

As we practice yoga on a regular basis we discover that
we begin to crave a healthier lifestyle. Included in this lifestyle
is healthier foods, free of processed sugars. But part of this life style
is to also include a simpler way of living to reduce the areas of stress
that are under our control.
Simple and healthy eating can be synonymous. Happy Hour Yoga and
Happy Hour Drink alternatives is a great way to start educating your self. Then
educate your family and friends. This is how a movement grows.

Our Pina Suprima was so easy and so incredibly healthy. It was loaded
with minerals, Omega 3, antioxidants , vitamins and at the same time
we also promote an Earth Friendly way of eating. By choosing a sweetener that
is not sugar we vote to use 1/5 less the land that it takes to grow sugar and a lot less
water too.

Healthy eating is not just about choosing the right fruits, proteins and
vegetables. It is about learning how to have a lower impact on the environment
and promote EARTH Health as well. Happy Hour Drink Alternatives serves this
purpose to promote a healthy you which is in turn promoting a healthier environment.

The coming weeks with Happy
Hour Drink alternatives
supplied in Happy Hour Yoga we will
explore the recipe variations
and nutritional values and health
benefits of Banana Split in a glass,
Singapore Sling, Cuba Libra,
Margarita and more……

You Vote each time you buy a product.
Do you realize that each time you buy an organic fruit or v egetable
you are telling the farmers and farm corporations that you don’t want
insecticides placed into mother earth. These products affect the aquifer
which dumps into our rivers and streams. They go into our water supply.
They empty into the ocean and pollute the fish.

You  vote when you eliminate packaged goods which use Palm Oil, the number
one product which contributes to deforestation of the Rain Forrests in Asia.

Please be mindful that when you purchase food that is organic, ( slightly
higher priced than not) , that is not packaged, ( bulk foods are less expensive)
you offset the costs. Also since organic foods are so high in nutrients and flavor 
you actually require less and the gross amount on your purse is just about the same.

Yoga by Donation is right above the Portsmouth Health Food Store, a great place for bulk
items and organic produce. Across the street is FlatBread’s serving all organic and local foods.
Beach Pea Bakery bakes breads from all organic grains and uses very little sugar and purchases local
honey for their products. Make your vote count . Be mindful with your grocery purchases. For your 
personal health and the Earth’s health too.