Pre-Nuptial Wedding Gift Package

pre-nuptual wedding gift package

can help:
you fully enjoy the day of your wedding and
invite in Grace and Calm.
Why have your wedding day filled with stress and worry?
Don’t let your emotions carry you into anxiety.
Keep present and fully experience all the love and joy
of your wedding day. Read why this is so helpful.

A Pre-nuptual Wedding Gift package
can be offered as a wedding shower gift.
The bride and groom to be can include it
in their bridal party functions.

Don’t get caught up in all the externals:
having your hair and makeup done, recuperate
from a previous night of rowdiness. Learn to trust
that the flowers will arrive on time, the cake will
be perfect, and the photographer will flow with you
instead of monopolizing the best times. Let your
radiance shine from within.

The Pre-nuptual wedding Gift Package
will allow for one of our studio instructors
to either come to you or you to come to us.

Have a yoga session for the bridal party,
mother of the bride, mother of the groom.
Be guided into a meditation that invites in
Grace and Surrender. Remember what is
important in the day. Don’t get distracted
with the small things, that months or years
from now people will not remember. They
will remember the love when the bride and
groom can focus on the Love. Help the bride
and groom arrive at the ceremony calm, relaxed
and ready to embrace the joy that surrounds them.

Eliminate wedding jitters. Be firm and secure
in committments. Get along with everyone.
Don’t loose your cool. Stay the symbol of
strength and joy as you create the mood
for a wedding that will linger in memory
for a very long time. Let those memories
be of joy and happiness. Let those memories
be recorded accurately in the moment as
they occur. In the space of the Present,
all delights will occur.

So manage those pre-wedding jitters.
Don’t let the mess manage you!

So purchase a gift package today, for the
bride and groom or for the whole wedding
party. Take a yoga class that can be for
everyone. Meditate and travel to the
creative place inside where all joy can
be manifested.

You can also arrange to do this at your
wedding site, at the home of the bride
or groom. You can arrange to have the
pre-nuptial wedding gift anywhere offsite.

Offsite is an additional charge depeneding
upon the location.
On site is the package price at the beautiful
studio of YbD, with all props and mats
and cushions provided.

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