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November 23 @ 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Join this incredible
workshop of the
Trance Dance at YbD.
There is limited Space
and time is of the essence.
Let Hadley lead you to
the sacred places between
the physical
and spiritual worlds.

Trance Dance at YbD uses Trance Dance and Somatic Movements.
It also combines Expressive Art Exercised for integrating
body-mind-soul journies.

The focus is on healing and evolution. Use ecstatic states of consciousness to encompass more of your self.

Any one can attend, regardless of age or sex.
There is a minimum class requirement of 4, and a maximum of 5.
Because space is limited REGISTER TODAY.

The fee is on a sliding scale. Hadley would most appreciate the full class fee of $120. But if your heart’s desire does not match your purse a sliding fee range is offered at registration.

What you will need to attend:
an open mind and willing heart, 

   a blind fold and any drawing materials
no matter how simplistic.

“Human beings grow in the light and transform in the dark ” 

 Come dance in internal darkness propelled by breath, movement, and rhythm into shamanic flight, into a trance journey.  
“Night is the university of the Dervish” 
 Come dive into a place where your vast interiority opens into the deep space of manifold intelligence.  
 Come dance for healing, retrieval , guidance, to heal the world, quest, embody, comune, strengthen the compass of your  inner truth, pray,  become the spirit of the sun, moon, a plant, or animal life. Dance to become water, resurrect, and flourish.  
Dance to rain.

 Trance Art Practice   Trance Art Practice (TAP) is a 4 hour experience combining Trance Dance, somatic movement and  expressive art exercises for an integrated body-mind and soul journey.  TAP is a unique combination  propelling us into highly creative spaces-the same spaces that artists, visionaries, mystics, and shamans  navigate and draw their inspiration and wisdom from. The overall focus is on healing and evolution.  Trance Dance situates itself in a worldview  within which mediation between physical and spiritual  dimensions become possible through ecstatic states of consciousness (Wilbert Alix).Trance Art Practice is  a safe and more gentle way to touch the transcendental realms than plant medicines or drugs. Here you  are your own guide and medicine person.
Trance Art Practice is a unique combination of integrated embodiment, where our bodies are both the  portal and the container for the enormity of soul-transcending our alienated and fragmented levels of  consciousness. Dancing in trance for knowledge, vision, healing, to parallel realities or to experience the  mythical is an ancient human technology-this is a tool for the crucial soul-work needed at this pivotal  time on our planet.
 The Practice  First we open up our pathways for journeying through somatic movement. Second we Trance Dance.  Third we draw, color or paint and then converse with the images in a process that enables them  to act as  agents of transformation beyond mere illustrations of our psyches. This image work also demonstrates  our connectedness with one another and with the web of life. The movement exercises are based on  experiential anatomy using BMC, Continuum, Developmental technique and sometimes include working  with our multidimensional anatomy. The trance dance technique involves breath, movement, music,  visual deprivation (a blindfold) and an intention, in an energetically protected space where the dancers are spotted for their own safety. In the alchemy of this practice we manifest the trance’s energies and insights  into our lives during the integration phase, at the end of the dance.Trance dance is a co-creative call to  action with the sacred spirit world-our intention sets a course our soul unfolds. Sometimes we retreat to a  location within that is timeless, in this place we perceive and sense in a much clearer way. Sometimes  what we experience is beyond human understanding, and in these moments, no comprehension is  necessary because to attempt comprehension profoundly distorts the message (W. Alix).
 The Trance Dance ritual was created by Wilbert Alix and Frank Natale from shamanic traditions and  practices for over 40,000 years. I am a certified practitioner of this method, in addition to which, while I  facilitate higher dimensional energies come through me which amplify and support the trance field.
Hadley Mays  I have lived, worked and played in altered states, trance and the visionary realms all of my life, and in  many different countries, cultures and contexts. I have experienced these dimensions on  personal  mystical, artistic and academic levels. I’ve studied and spiritually practiced with healers, shamans,  Babalorisas and other medicine people.    I`m a performing artist who works shamanically I create, perform and have trained with many shamanic  performing artists from a variety of cultures in a spectrum of traditions ranging from ancient to post-post  modern. I hold an MFA in Theater and Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, graduate studies in Psychology and Counseling at Goddard University,  and many years of experiential learning   give me a broad and grounded base from  which to facilitate transcendental work with health and clarity. For further information about the Trance  Dance ritual go to https://trancedance.com
Past Participants:
  ‘Hadley`s trance dance was amazing for me, I got a deep healing, I`m thankful for the  invitation’-Natasha Santos
‘Hadley is an incredible woman with an impactful ancestral wisdom’ -Alexandra Pe
‘Very precious work, very precious…thank you with all my heart. You have an amazing field of work both  energetically spiritually and bodily’-Jaya Paula Pravaz
‘One of the most incredible works and people I`ve had the opportunity to meet in Bahia’-Amanda Tavares

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November 23
5:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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