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Rolfing: Structural Integration Experience

February 15, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Embodiement Workshop

Rolfing: Structural Integration Experience
Do you want to feel freedom in your
body to express yourself? Do you want to
increase your flexibility while also
becoming more stable?  If yes see below:

The transformational experience of
Rolfing Structural Integration is
right for you. Join me for a 20- 25-minute
sample of what Rolfing has to offer you.

On the surface, Rolfing is a therapy
that works with the connective tissue
of the body also known as fascia.

However, due to fascia’s neuroplastic
quality, Rolfing Structural Integration
has effects on many layers of the
body including emotional, physiological,
psychological and spiritual through
biological reorganization. Because of
Rolfing’s multifaceted effects on the
body often clients will describe sensations
of elation, dizziness or “highness” after a

Read a testimonial here. 


For some people, this idea that
the body can be changed maybe a very
different concept from what is known
or has been experienced by the
individual. Often the transformational
possibilities rest outside of one’s
paradigm of the body’s capability.

I feel that the Rolfer, Peter Melchior
describes it best when he says,

You know, for the person who is being
first introduced to this idea that the body
can be changed…. this is a large idea.
I don’t know if everybody’s grasped this
or not. For us (Rolfers/ Structural Integrator)
it is normal, but in reality, this is a very large
philosophical idea.That this flesh can be
rearranged in some way.Before I met
Ida Rolf, I believed that you got issued
a body, and that was it. If it wasn’t what
you wanted, too bad. You know, that’s it.
And pain was just a sign that you were alive.
I know I’m alive, I can feel the pain, that
was what I believed.And all of a sudden
this woman came and reorganized my
body, and then I realized that not only
were there tremendous physical
changes taking place, but I had to
change my whole game.I had to
change my idea of what matter is…
what life is. So, It’s good to remember…
that the body can be changed...

Learn more about Vanessa
and be free to join her
on February 15th to
experience a small
sample of the possibilities
that are available within you.

“I look forward to working with you soon.”  -Vanessa



February 15, 2020
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Vanessa Sychak


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