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Ashtanga Tristasana Introduction

January 6, 2015 @ 6:00 pm - 7:10 pm

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 Ashtanga Tristasana Introduction

 Ashtanga tristasana Introduction

this is the Tristasana of
Ashtanga Tristasana Introduction:
a breathing meditation in motion. Inhale
on the up movement. Exhale on the downward
more exerting  movement. Do sun salutations
pertinent to Ashtanga school and move into
other poses.
click here to see other classes taught by Tom.
His class begins with  a pose of centering.
Align the core chakras.

Be led through gentle back stretches:
Marjaryasana (cat pose)
Bitilasana (cow pose).
Move  to standing into tadasana (mountain).


Offered at  slower pace than at an Ashtanga studio,
the  pace is still quick.
Get assistance in pose
during class time. Be helped to find the gentle edge of
relaxation and balance with strength.

Drop your ideas that  Ashtanga  is torture on
the body! You’ll feel challenged by the benefits of Tom’s  class.
You will however be comfortable in your first class. Leave
judgement behind. Use his modifications for beginners.
The effects become visible over several weeks.
Physical health is derived from a quiet mind
and the connection of body, mind and soul,
Tristasana (see note below).

Participate in slow, but strong, sun salutation
flow with  Ashtanga Tristasana Introduction.
Then follow in core yoga variation work. …

Come practice or learn the initial flow of Evening
Ashtanga Tristasana Introduction Yoga. Focus on
breath, improve cardio. This seasoned Beginner
class will include the beginning 10 and 18 poses
of Ashtanga flow as a way of introducing you to
the practice. Decide if you want to commit to a
daily routine. It is led by Tom who has been an
Ashtanga student since 2013, though practicing
yoga, of other styles, for 14 years . Beginners are
welcomed! Props can be used and are encouraged.
It is taught at a slightly slower pace
than traditional ashtanga classes.It is a quicker
pace than most YbD Classes. 

NOTE: Tristasana

Eventually, with a lot of practice it all comes together
and the poses, the breathing and the drishti  happen.
That is Tristasana which means all three aspects are
coming together.


intensity: moderate
level: experienced beginner to advanced
(6 weeks of practice in  any yoga style)

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January 6, 2015
6:00 pm - 7:10 pm


Instructor Tom Sorrentino RMPr.


Yoga by Donation, Portsmouth Studio
147 Congress Street, Suite C
Portsmouth, 03801
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